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Writerbay Features

writerbay features


  • No registration fees
  • Monthly payment
  • $8.5 per page essay writing
  • Competitive payment methods.


Writerbay Test Answers

But this is not so easy to work here. You have to pass all the test of writerbay. Don’t worry, I’m providing all the test answers here in below –


Q: Choose the option that comprises the main attributes of the academic writing style?

A: Well-sourced, clear and precise, format and unbiased, clear and consistent.


Q: Select the option with the correct order of the academic writing process.

A: Analyze the topic, Think (brainstorm), Research, Discover your thesis, plan(outline), write, Revise and Proofread.


Q: What is the most important part of each academic essay?

A: Thesis statement


Q: What can not be considered as plagiarism?

A: Direct quote, put in quotation marks and followed by the name of the author.


Q: Imagine you have been assigned to an order on a History subject with a World War II topic. You need to indicate the timeframe of the war. Will you cite this information?

A: What for? Everybody knows it’s 1939-1945.

Q: Proper plagiarism means – 

A: You have borrowed someone else’s ideas, but not interpreted them in your own words and cited the original source.

Q: If a researcher finds synonyms for the author’s language while keeping to the same general structure and meaning of the original, what type of plagiorism is it?

A: Mosaic plagiorism

Q: If you arte a author of the piece of writing, how can you use this piece in your further research?

A: You can use this piece in your future writing if you properly cite the author (yourself).



Q: What is the formatting style?

A: A standardized approach to creating an academic paper.


Q: Select the option with the parts /characteristics of the APA formatting style.

A: Reference page, title page, in-text citations.


Q: MLA requires the first page of your paper to be – 

A: Double – spaced with a heading in the left corner with your name, your professor’s name, the course, and the date.


Q: In MLA documentation, how should the following parenthetical reference appear?

A: (Barrett 17)


Q: In MLA, the reference at the end of your paper should appear

A: In alphabetical order by authors last name, regardless of the type of reference.



Q: What is NOT the core principle of our company?

A: deadline extension


Q: In which case can you share your personal information/ ask for the client’s personal information?

A: You can not share / ask for any personal details unless the order requires such information.


Q: Which of the following is an appropriate way to name the final file you upload to the system?

A: Order ID – Topic of the project


Q: Imagine that while working on the project, you need to use a specific textbook but you do not have access to it. What would you do?

A: Contact the client for help



Please make it yourself by 150 words.


How to Work?

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