Rust Removing Process at home

Rust Removing Process at home
Rust Removing Process at home

Rust Removing Process at home

Hi there, I’m gonna show you how Rust Removing Process at home. You can use this process at home. At first I’ll explain industrial process for rust removing and then I’ll discuss it for household rust removing process. Actually this is the most important surface treatment process for automobile company. But due to some restrictions I can’t describe full process here.

Industrial Rust Remove Process:

Simple steps to follow for rust removing. Please check it in the following picture:

Rust Removing Process at home

Rust Removing Process


1) De-grease: At first you have to remove oils or greases from the metal surface. This is very important step of rust removing.

2) Water Rinse: to wash dirt and soap from the surface and it also helps in maintaining the pH of the metal surface.

3) Acid Pickling 1, 2 , 3: This is the main  step for rust Removing Process. The time will depends on metal surface, metal properties and how much oxidation grows on it that means how much rust formed on the metal surface.

Acids can be used here: (Any of the following)

  •  Hydrochloride acid (Widely used) [ risk arises if it goes through eyes and it has pungent smell.)
  • Sulfuric Acid (minimal use for safety)
  • Citric Acid ( Source: Lemon, lime etc)
  • Vinegar

4) Water Rinse: After each time of acid pickling you must wash thoroughly the surface of metal body. Because the free Fe2+ ion will be removed from the surface. Otherwise rust can be grow again within very short time.

5) Neutralize:  After Rust Removing Process you should neutralize it for next steps.

6) Surface Activation: In this step surface activation should be used for activating the surface to prepare for binding with phosphate bond. Due to technical issue I can’t express the chemical name here. But You can easily find it any chemical market by calling it as Activation Chemical.

7) Phosphate: In this step a phosphate (zinc phosphate) layer uniformly deposited on the metal surface. This layer protects metal from further corrosion and equally it also behave as chemical bond initiator for paint. It binds the paint and gives stability of paint.

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Rust Removing Process at home

At home you may have

  1. Vinegar
  2. Lemon
  3. Soap/ Detergents

Now Follow the steps:


rust remove process

rust remove process

If you are facing difficulties please leave a comment. You can watch the video below:




During Rust Removing Process at home you should be careful about your safety. Because It can be harmful for you if you don’t follow safety rules properly.


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