465 Exclusive one word substitution For BCS And Job Preparation

One word substitutes or one word substitution is a very important topic for any kind of bd govt job preparation like BCS, Bank, NTRCA, PSC and other govt and non-govt job preparation. It is also important for MBA, CAT, MAT, GMAT, SSC examinations. Each year minimum one marks comes from one word substitution at bcs preliminary examination, ntrca and other psc job examination. So, everybody should read very attentively to get success.

one word substitution
one word substitution

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A very important list of one word substitution for bd govt job preparation has attached below. Hopefully you’ll get a common in examination from the list below at bcs preliminary examination, ntrca and other psc job examination.

465 list of one word substitution:

A person who talks in sleep is called as = Somniloquist

A person who interprets dreams = Oneirocritic 

A person who collects stamps = Philatelist 

Who present everywhere = Omnipresent 

To have unlimited power = Omnipotent 

The person who knows everything = Omniscient 

Ignorant person (A person who is unaware of everything) = Oblivious 

A person involving in an activity for pleasure and not money = Amateur 

believer, supporter, etc. = Follower 

A who works for the good of others. = Altruist

Person interested in antiquities (ancient objects) = Antiquarian 

The life history of a person written by an author is called = Biography

The life history of a person written by himself is called = Autobiography 

Study of past events = History 

List of all of sources used in research work = Bibliography 

A person who eats too much = Glutton 

A person who eats small and quick bites = Nibbler 

One who eats the human flesh = Cannibal 

Animal/Person consuming food both plant and animal origin = Omnivore 

Place for ammunition and weapons = Arsenal

Hospital for mad people = Asylum 

Place of collecting public/government/historical records. = Archives 

Science of sound = Acoustics 

To cut off an infected part of a person’s body = Amputate 

An examination of a dead body = Autopsy 

A place where dead bodies of victims or accidents are kept for identification = Morgue 

A religious war = Crusade 

A large enclosure for wild animals = Zoo 

A large enclosure for fish = Aquarium 

A large enclosure for keeping birds = Aviary 

Killing of human beings = Homicide 

General pardon of political offenders = Amnesty 

It is a form of government in which a single entity rules with absolute power = Autocracy 

Having generous and kind nature = Magnanimity 

Person who writes in a newspaper = Journalist

A house where an Eskimo lives = igloo

Fear of spiders is known as = Arachnophobia

Fear of social interaction/ fear of crowded places = Agoraphobia

Fear of water = Hydrophobia 

One who looks at the bright side of things = Optimist

Who looks at the dark side of things = Pessimist 

who does not see reality = Dreamer 

Person who is two faced = Janus faced

A word meaning happy and joyful = Exhilarated

Angry =Infuriated 

Sad = Despondent 

A word indicating medicines that have no biological value yet create an impact because of psychological reasons = Placebo

Fear of animals = Zoo-phobia

A person who cannot help but steal whatever he can find = Kleptomaniac

A physician who diagnoses and interprets the changes caused by disease in tissues and body fluids = Pathologist

If you teach at a big international school, besides receiving a handsome salary your child will receive education there for free = Gratis

Prices of grain have risen in the retail markets due to shortage but wholesalers have their storehouses of grain full = Granaries

If you look, you will find a hole in the side of  every ship that allows water to drain from the deck. = Scupper

The array of baked goods that impressed by their sheer variety and huge quantity = Panoply of baked goods

To grant a general pardon to all = Amnesty

A strong believer in fate = Fatalist

The earliest inhabitants = Aboriginal people

Someone who would be mutually appointed by them and whose decision would be binding on them = An arbitrator

at a constant distance from each other = Parallely

The senile old man (let his saliva run) all over his vest = Slobbered

Which could not be explained =  Were inexplicable

A list that contained almost all = Glossary

The condition of being abnormally afraid of thunder and lightning = Astraphobia

Hostile and aggressive = Belligerent

The warm and pleasant = Balmy

The child talked too much in class. She was (talkative) = Garrulous

Man who would not share a penny with anyone = Miser

Afternoon nap = Siesta

A speech delivered without any prior preparation = Extempore

One who is not sure about God’s existence = Agnostic 

A lover of mankind = Altruist / Philanthropist

One who can use either hand with ease = Ambidextrous 

One who is out to destroy all governments, peace and order = Anarchist 

A person appointed by two parties to solve a dispute = Arbitrator 

One who leads an austere life = Ascetic 

An unconventional style of living = Bohemian 

One who is bad in spelling = Cacographist

A person displaying aggressive or exaggerated patriotism = Chauvinist

An expert judge = Connoisseur

A person or thing living or existing at the same time = Contemporaries

Recovering from an illness or operation = Convalescent

A woman who flirts = Coquette

A person who regards the whole world as his country = Cosmopolitan

One who is centre of attraction = Cynosure

One who sneers at the beliefs of others = Cynic

Debonair = Suave

A leader or orator who espoused the cause of the common people = Demagogue

An amateur who engages in an activity without serious intentions and who pretends to have knowledge = Dilettante

Having or showing characteristics regarded as typical of a woman = Effeminate

A person who takes particular pleasure in fine food and drink = Epicure

Very particular and choosy person = Fastidious

One who run away from Justice = Fugitive

A person who enjoys eating and often eats too much = Gourmand

Controlled by wife = Henpecked

A person who acts against religion = Heretic

Highbrow = Intellectual

A patient with imaginary symptoms and ailments = Hypochondriac

Someone who attacks cherished ideas or traditional institutions = Iconoclast

That cannot be entered by force = Impregnable

Indefatigable = Tireless

One who does not express himself freely = Introvert

Moving from place to place = Itinerant

Who behaves without moral principles = Libertine

Primarily concerned with making money at the expense of ethics = Mercenary

A person who dislikes humankind and avoids human society = Misanthrope

Someone in love with himself = Narcissist

One who collect coins = Numismatist

A person who likes or admires women = Philogynist

Knowing or using several languages = Polyglot

One who loves peace = Pacifist

A man who likes many women and has short sexual relationships with them = Philanderer

One who lives in seclusion = Recluse

One who helps needy = Samaritan

someone who walks in sleep = Somnambulist

A person who is indifferent to the pains and pleasures of life = Stoic

A boastful fellow = Swashbuckler

A very quarrelsome lady = Termagant

Habitual drunkard = Sot

Extremely fond of one’s wife = Uxorious

Brilliant performer on stage = Virtuoso

A formal resignation and renunciation of powers = Abdication

An annual calender with position of stars = Almanac

Animal that live in both land and sea = Amphibian

A story that express ideas through symbols = Allegory

A statement or proposition that is regarded as being established = Axiom

A nation or person engaged in war = Belligerent

An examination of tissue removed from a living body = Biopsy

An act of speaking against religion = Blasphemy

The arrangement of events in the order of their occurrence = Chronology

A religious war = Crusade

Lasting for a very short time = Ephemeral

Living in flocks = Gregarious 

A mark that cannot be erased = Indelible

Never failing = Infallible

Certain to happen = Inevitable

A period of intervals between two regimes = Interregnum

A sentimental longing for the past = Nostalgia

A solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases = Panacea

The belief that God pervades nature = Pantheism

A style meant to display one’s knowledge = Pedantic

The practice of taking someone else’s work = Plagiarism

A love free from physical desire = Platonic

Fit to drink = Potable

A decision made by public voting = Plebiscite

Nice ruler = Red-tapism

The distinctive clothing worn and ornaments carried at formal occasions as an indication of status = Regalia

Violation of what is regarded as sacred = Sacrilege

A job with little responsibility but high salary = Sinecure

Speech you make to yourself = Soliloquy

A thing that is kept as a reminder of an event = Souvenir

A slight fault that can be forgiven = Venial

A writing word for word = Verbatim

An imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect = Utopia

A place where animals are slaughtered = Abattoir

Where bees are kept = Apiary

A place for wrestling = Arena

A place where weapons and military equipment are stored or made = Arsenal

A place where political refugees are given shelter = Asylum

Place where birds are kept = Aviary

A hole or tunnel dug by a small animal = Burrow

A place where ammunition is hidden = Cache

A graveyard where dead are buried = Cemetery

Where children are cared = Creche

A bottle with a stopper for serving wine or water = Decanter

Sleeping rooms in an institution = Dormitory

The nest of a squirrel = Drey

A place or state of perfect happiness = Elysium

Where grains are kept = Granary

A place for housing aeroplanes = Hangar

A place for bees = Hive

A cage for rabbits = Hutch

A hospital = Infirmary

Shelter for dog = Kennel

A place where money is coined = Mint

A place for wild animals and birds = Menagerie

A residence for monks and priests = Monastery

Land planted with fruit trees = Orchard

A place where water is collected and stored = Reservoir

A house of shelter for horse = Stable

A place where pigs are kept = Sty.

A place for washing dishes = Scullery

Cover of sword = Sheath

A place for the sick to recover health = Sanatorium

A place where leather is tanned = Tannery

A place for clothes = Wardrobe

A published collection of poems = Anthology

A group of heavy guns = Battery

A bundle of paper, cotton etc tightly wrapped = Bale

A large group of people or things of a particular kind = Bevy

An arranged bunch of flowers = Bouquet

A family of young animals = Brood

A pair of pigeons = Brace

Collection at a hidden place = Cache

A group of people, typically with vehicles or animals travelling together = Caravan

A closed political meeting = Caucus

A small group of people with shared interests = Clique

A group paid to applaud = Claque

A series of stars = Constellation

A funeral procession = Cortege

A group of worshippers = Congregation

A herd or flock of animals being driven in a body = Drove

A fleet of ships = Flotilla

A small group of trees = Grove

A group of houses in a village = Hamlet

A large group of animals that live together = Herd

A large group of people = Horde

A group of policemen = Posse

A large number of fish swimming together = Shoal

A strong and fast-moving stream of water = Torrent

One who studies the pattern of voting in election = Psephologist

One who draws maps = Cartographer 

One who complies a dictionary = Laxicographer 

Absence of the government = Anarchy

Government by the nobles = Aristocracy 

Government by one person = Autocracy 

The right of self-government = Autonomy 

Government run by officials = Bureaucracy

Government by the People = Democracy 

Government by old men = Gerontocracy 

Government run by worst citizen = Kekistocracy 

Government by inexperienced persons = Neocracy

Government run universally = Panarchy 

Government by few persons = Oligarchy 

Government by mob = Ochlocracy 

Government by the rich = Plutocracy

Government by the laws of religion  = Theocracy 

Government by the Gods = Thearchy 

Government by the King/Queen = Monarchy 

Murder of one’s children = Fillicide

Murder of one’s brother = Fratricide

Murder of one’s mother = Matricide 

Murder of one’s parents = Parricide 

Murder of one’s wife = Uxoricide  

Murder of a foetus = Foeticide 

Murder of a man/woman = Homicide 

Murder of king or queen = Regicide

The practise of having two wives or husbands at a time = Bigamy

The practise of having extra marital relations = Adultery 

An allowance paid to wife on divorce = Alimony 

A state of abstention from marriage = Celibacy 

Sound of apes = Gibber

Resonant metallic sound = Clang 

Sound of asses = Bray 

Sound by a person in agony = Moan 

Sound made by brakes = Screech

Sound made by Beetles = Drone 

Sound of the bells = Jingle 

Sound of the birds = Chrip 

Sound made by the camels = Grunt

Sound of the cats = Mew 

Sound of the chains = Clank 

Sound of the Cattle = Low 

sound of Doors = Creak

The study of sound = Acoustics

The science or art of flight = Aeronautics

The philosophy of fine arts = Aesthetics

The science of soil management = Agronomy

Chemistry in ancient times = Alchemy

The science dealing with the structure of animals, plants or human body = Anatomy

The study of history of a list of books on a subject = Bibliography

The science that deals with the origin, physical and cultural development of mankind = Anthropology

The study of plants = Botany

The study of bacteria = Bacteriology

The study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs = Astrology

Cultivation of trees and vegetables = Arboriculture

The study of human population with the help of the records of the number of births and deaths = Demography

The study of relation of animals and plants to their surroundings, animate and inanimate = Ecology

The study of insects = Entomology

The study of inscriptions = Epigraphy

The study of duration of life = Chronobiology

The art of beautiful handwriting = Calligraphy

The art of making objects from clay = Ceramics

The study of historical records to establish the dates of past events = Chronology

The art of making fireworks = Chromatics

The science of the nature of heavenly bodies = Cosmogony

The science that describes and maps the main features of the universe = Cosmography

The science of the nature, origin and history of the universe = Cosmology

The art of secret writings = Cypher

The study of finger prints for the purpose of identification = Dactylography

The branch of biology concerned with the structure and function of plant and animal cells = Cytology

The branch of physics dealing with the production and effects of very low temperatures = Cryogenics

The technique of communication by signs made with the fingers = Dactylology

The study of human races = Ethnology.

The study of animal behaviour = Ethology.

The study of origin and history of words = Etymology

The study and tracing of lines of descent or development = Genealogy

One Word Substitutes for Genealogy
One Word Substitution for Genealogy

The study of effect of environment on workers = Ergonomy.

The science of improving a human population by controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics = Eugenics.

The study of heredity and the variation of inherited characteristics = Genetics

The therapeutic use of sunlight = Heliotherapy

Exercises developing or displaying physical agility and coordination = Gymnastics.

The science that deals with the earth’s physical structure and substance, its history, and the processes that act on it = Geology.

The study of the microscopic structure of tissues = Histology.

The art or practice of garden cultivation and management = Horticulture

The use or study of images or symbols in visual arts = Iconography.

Literature dealing with saints = Hagiology.

The treatment of illness through the use of water, either internally or through external means such as steam baths = Hydropathy.

The study of animal life = Zoology

The supposed communication of thoughts or ideas by means other than the known senses = Telepathy.

The study of caves = Spelelogy.

The branch of science concerned with earthquakes and related phenomena = Seismology.

The science of law = Jurisprudence

The study of visual imagery and its symbolism and interpretation = Iconology

The study or collection of coins, paper currency, and medals = Numismatics

The scientific study of teeth = Odontology

The scientific study of birds = Ornithology.

The correct or accepted pronunciation of words = Orthoepy.

The method and practice of teaching, esp. as an academic subject or theoretical concept = Pedagogy.

The study of rocks = Petrology

The collection and study of postage stamps = Philately.

The branch of knowledge that deals with the structure, historical development, and relationships of a language or languages = Philology.

The study and classification of speech sounds = Phonetics.

The art of elegant speech or writing = Rhetoric

The study of ancient writing systems and the deciphering and dating of historical manuscripts = Paleography.

A person’s facial features or expression, esp. when regarded as indicative of character or ethnic origin = Physiognomy.

The production of silk and the rearing of silkworms for this purpose = Sericulture.

Fear of heights = Acrophobia

Fear of men = Androphobia 

The fear of ugliness = Cacophobia

Fear of depths = Bathophobia 

Fear of books = Biblophobia 

Fear of doctors = Catrophobia 

Fear of Air = Aerophobia 

Fear of Pain = Aglophobia 

Fear of Altitude = Altiphobia 

Fear of Solitude = Autophobia

Extreme fear about beauty = Cellophobia

Fear of being confined to small place = Claustrophobia 

Fear of dogs = Cynophobia 

Fear of the passing of time = Chronophobia 

Fear of marriage = Gamophobia 

Fear of work = Ergophobia 

Fear of women = Gynaephobia

Fear of knowledge = Gnosiophobia 

Fear of writing = Graphophobia 

Fear of blood = Hematophobia

Fear of travel = Hodophobia

Fear of feeling pleasure = Hedonophobia 

Fear of water = Hydrophobia 

Fear of stealing/thieves = Kleptophobia 

Fear of study = Logophobia

A compulsive desire to steal = Kleptomania 

Fear of getting fat = Lipophobia 

Mania for talking = Logomania 

An emotional disorder characterized by an obsessive desire to lose weight by refusing to eat = Anorexia 

Fear of crowded spaces or enclosed public places = Agorophobia 

Fear of thirst = Dipsophobia

Fear of motherhood = Metrophobia 

Fear of loneliness = Monophobia 

Fear of darkness = Nyctophobia

Fear of being stared at = Ophthalmophobia

Fear of dirt or contamination = Mysophobia 

Fear of disease = Pathophobia

Fear of crowds / mob = Ochlophobia 

Fear of children = Paedophobia 

Fear of poverty = Peniaphobia

Fear of medicine = Pharamacophobia

Fear of ghosts = Phasmophobia 

Fear of people from other countries = Xenophobia 

Fear of fire = Pyrophobia   

Morbid compulsion of drink = Dipsomania 

Delusion of being under evil spirits = Demonomania 

A morbid fear of insects = Entomophobia 

Fear of old age = Geraphobia

The physical or psychological fear of sexual relations or sexual intercourse = Genophobia 

Fear of old memories = Menemophobia

An abnormal fear of childbirth = Maieusiophobia 

Delusion about one’s greatness = Magalomania 

Fear of death = Thanatophobia

Fear of poison = Toxicophobia 

Fear of God = Theophobia 

Fear of burglars = Scelerophobia 

Fear of number thirteen = Triskaidekaphobia

A delusion that one in God = Theomania 

Extreme old age when a man behaves like a fool = Dotage

That which cannot be corrected = Incorrigible

The study of ancient societies = Archaeology

A person of good understanding knowledge and reasoning power = Intellectual

A person who insists on something = Stickler

State in which the few govern the many = Oligarchy

A style in which a writer makes a display of his knowledge = Pedantic

List of the business or subjects to be considered at a meeting = Agenda

Leave or remove from a place considered dangerous = Evacuate

A prima facie = At first sight

A person pretending to be somebody he is not = Imposer

A person who knows many foreign languages = Polyglot

One who has little faith in human sincerity and goodness = Cynic

One who possesses many talents = Versatile

Words inscribed on tomb = Epitaph

One who eats everything = Omnivorous

Marmalade case is one = Which is undertaken in a bad faith

The custom or practice of having more than one husband at same time = Polyandry

Tending to move away from the center or axis = Centrifugal

One who abstains from taking wine = Teetotaler

A person interested in collecting, studying and selling of old things = Antiquarian

A drawing on transparent paper = Transparency

One who is not easily pleased by anything = Fastidious

A remedy for all diseases = Panacea

One who is fond of fighting = Bellicose

A small shop that sells fashionable clothes, cosmetics, etc = Boutique

That which cannot be read = Illegible

In a state of tension or anxiety or suspense = On tenterhooks

That which cannot be seen = Invisible

To slap with a flat object = Swat

Habitually silent or talking little = Taciturn

One who cannot be corrected = Incorrigible

Be the embodiment or perfect example of = Personify

A paper written by hand = Manuscript

The act of violating the sanctity of the church is = Sacrilege

Something that can be heard = Audible

A name adopted by an author in his writings = Pseudonym

A place that provides refuge = Asylum

A child born after death of his father = Posthumous

The absence of law and order = Anarchy

The raison d’etre of a controversy is = The reason or justification of its existence

A place where bees are kept in called = An apiary

A religious discourse = Sermon

Parts of a country behind the coast or a river’s banks = Hinterland

Study of the evolution of man as an animal = Anthropology

One who does not believe in existence of god = Atheist

A disease of mind causing an uncontrollable desire to steal = Kleptomania

One who sacrifices his life for a cause  = Martyr

A person who brings goods illegally into the country = Smuggler

To take secretly in small quantities = Pilferage

To accustom oneself to a foreign climate = Acclimatise

Detailed plan of journey = Itinerary

Giving undue favours to one’s own kith and kin = Nepotism

Hater of learning and knowledge = Misologist

A person interested in reading books and nothing else = Book-worm

A place where monks live as a secluded community = Monastery

Incapable of being seen through = Opaque

One who does not care for literature or art = Philistine

A large sleeping-room with many beds = Dormitory

Continuing fight between parties, families, clans, etc = Feud

A building for storing threshed grain = Granary

Policeman riding on motorcycles as guards to a VIP = Outriders

One who is determined to exact full vengeance for wrongs done to him = Vindictive

An expression of mild disapproval = Reproof

One absorbed in his own thoughts and feelings rather than in things outside = Introvert

A school boy who cuts classes frequently is a = Truant

Ready to believe = Credulous

Medical study of skin and its diseases = Dermatology

A person who tries to deceive people by claiming to be able to do wonderful things = Trickster

A dramatic performance = Masque

One who does not marry, especially as a religious obligation = Celibate

That which is perceptible by touch is = Tangible

Very pleasing to eat = Palatable

The part of government which is concerned with making of rules = Legislature

One who believes that all things and events in life are predetermined is a = Fatalist

Something that relates to everyone in the world = Universal

To walk with slow or regular Steps is to = Pace

A style full of words = Verbose

Having superior or intellectual interests and tastes = Highbrow

To cause troops, etc. to spread out in readiness for battle = Deploy

A voice loud enough to be heard = Audible

A light sailing boat built specially for racing = Yacht

One who is in charge of museum = Curator

One who is honorably discharged from service = Emeritus

Present opposing arguments or evidence = Rebut

The policy of extending a country’s empire and influence = Imperialism

Of outstanding significance = Monumental

Code of diplomatic etiquette and precedence = Protocol

A fixed orbit in space in relation to earth = Geo-stationary

That which cannot be believed = Incredible

To issue a thunderous verbal attack = Fulminate


Final words of One word substitution for any Govt Job Preparation

One word substitution is very important for Bangladesh government job preparation and govt bank job preparation bd. one word substitution is one of the most important part in English Grammar. one word substitution dictionary also be found in the web, but you do not need to read as much. Because our memory capacity is limited so you should read one word substitution in Bengali or your own language to understand it well. one word substitutes meaning is very important to store it in the brain. Reading one word substitutes and their meanings is very essential and helpful for any kind of exam preparation.