11 Easy Ways To Make Money With Lookingx – Microjobs


Make Money With Lookingx – Micro jobs :

Make money online is a dream for us. Lookingx has brought very good news for you. We have started micro-jobs facilities for you. But initially, this opportunity is only for Bangladeshi people.

Don’t worry, we’ll arrange something for other countries’ people in the future. Anyway, our micro-jobs system is something different from other micro job sites. We have a mission which will be discussed below. And we love transparency.

So we want that after getting our payment please submit your payment proof. All the processes and instructions will be shown both written & video. So, before applying for any task please watch the video tutorial and follow the instructions properly.


Our Mission / Our Goals :

Free Training:

As you know all of us have talents but we fail due to proper training & guidelines. We’ll provide you proper training and guidelines. When you start making money with us you’ll be learned about many things such as:

  • SEO – How to make SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for youtube, website, or blogs. How to make on-page SEO, how to make off-page SEO.
  • Backlinks – How to make or create backlinks for websites or blogs.
  • Copy Paste Job – How to earn money from copy-paste jobs.
  • Email Marketing – Earn money from Email Marketing jobs.
  • Youtube: How to create a youtube channel, how to make SEO, how to make a copyright-free video, how to earn from youtube videos etc.
  • Pay per click: How to earn money from PTC Sites, Which are the best PTC sites, What to do, What not to do etc.
  • Online Courses: How to make money with online courses? How to make online courses?
  • Selling Notes: Make money by selling your notes online and make money.
  • Affiliate marketing: How affiliate marketing works? How to make money from affiliate marketing?
  • CPA Marketing: How to make money with CPA Marketing?
  • Social Marketing: How social marketing works? How to earn money from social marketing?



Make Some Extra Money:

By following us you’ll be able to earn some extra money. If you follow us properly you can earn unlimited money. But frankly telling that if you are a free person then you can earn unlimited money or if you are in a job then you can earn money part-time and we can promise that if you follow us you can earn a smart income with us.

Perfect Utilization of your time:

Utilize your time to make money. Due to COVID-19 situation school, college, the university is closed. For safety reasons, you should not attend any social crowd. But without play or entertainment life becomes boring.

You can utilize your time and your study here to make money. You can make notes as per your educational strategy and sell it with us and make money. One more thing, you can become a trainer for specific courses and make money.

Thus your subjective study will also be done besides making money. Or if you do not have any interest in training and you can spend 2 hours a day you can apply for other jobs and make money.

Everybody Can Learn & make Money :

As you know we can learn from free video tutorials only 30 – 50 % because all the things are not shown there. There must be some secrets. But we want that everybody has a right to learn and the only lookingx is offering free courses and training for you. But you never seem like training because you never understand that it was training.

Now let me explain when you learn anything if you don’t make practice you must be forgotten. On the other hand, most of us don’t like any kind of study and learning. But we’ll provide a video tutorial “how to complete the job”, you’ll watch that and then read our instructions and complete the task. By this, you’ll be able to learn the topic “How to do this”. So, I think you’ll enjoy our session.

Bring some difference:

We want to bring some differences in the online kingdom. We want to reach every kind of person like students, Job holders, unemployed, self- employed and the people who are interested in making money online but didn’t make success yet. Our payment system, our job submission system, etc will be different from other such types of websites.

Saving your valuable time:

Our mission is to save your valuable time from moving here and there online for searching “how to earn money”, “best website for earn money”, “best PTC websites”, etc. You’ll get all things here and your payment method will be bKash, Rocket & recharge money. National bank transfer is also available.

Paypal money transfer will be available in the future. This opportunity is only available for Bangladeshi People. Other countries people can join to learn but we can’t pay them at this moment. You’ll also be able when we add PayPal transfer in the future and you’ll be notified shortly.

Our Vision:

Lookingx is a multi-purpose website. Somebody says’s “what type of your website is? What is your main niche? But actually we made it multi-purpose because of your assistance. Our goal is to help you finding everything that you are looking for (except adult & political contents). For this purpose, we are trying to grow ourselves. But your cooperation is highly recommended.

Our vision is to gain goodwill and become the best with you.

Terms & Conditions – Make Money With Lookingx

You know a website can rank by SEO & Backlinks. So, Title, content, featured image with off-page SEO and tags are very important besides backlinks.

On the other hand, copy-paste is also decreased and diminish the reputation and ranks of a website. I hope you can understand. So, you have to obey some rules. But if you violate the following rules your account will be suspended & no money will be paid.

  1. No copy paste will be allowed (Title, Content, featured image)
  2. Post content must have a minimum of 600 words.
  3. Post must have valid tags.
  4. Post must contain featured images with OFF page SEO.
  5. The post should have internal & external links.
  6. Your posted article information must be true. No scam will be allowed.
  7. No 18+ or adult & political post is allowed.
  8. The post must be written in English.

How To Earn Money With Us

You will make 100 takas per 1000 of your post views. You can withdraw your money when your posts reach 5000 views & we’ll send you 500 taka by your bKash, Rocket, or Bank Transfer. You can easily do it. I’m showing you step by step the process.

Step – 1:

Join us by visiting this link Register


lookingx menu bar







Step – 2:

Click on Submit New Post 

If you face any problem in this page then you can also post it here CREATE NEW POST

submit new post

submit new post

Step – 3:

1) Write your title in Title box. But remember title should not exceed 70 words.

New Blog Post

New Blog Post

2) Write your content description in Description box. Description must be minimum 600 words.

How to write SEO Description?

Its not too difficult. Your keyword should have at the first position of the Heading 2. Then start writing. If you have any confusion then you can watch this video.

3) You should add tags. Tags are keywords. You can find it easily. let’s your title is somewhat “100% trusted way to make money” Here “Earn Money” is the main keyword. It’s search volume is also very high. You can find the search trends from google trends

To find keyword you can use free tools for keyword research. Keywordtool.io is very good and free google chrome and firefox extension.  Beside it wordstream , wordtracker etc also very good keyword research tools for free.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

You should collect that high volume keywords and then input into the tags box. But remember, every keyword must be separated by commas.



If you are using CREATE NEW POSTpage then you should have to select your specific category, your name, email address & click on captcha and then press submit button.

Your post will be awaiting for approval. if everything is okay then your post will be published within 2 hours.

4) You must have to add an featured image. But before adding you have to make off page seo of your image. If you do not know how to do off page seo then you can search it on Youtube and you will find this. It’s very easy & you can make it.

To edit your image you can use adobe illustrator or canva to edit your image and you can find free stock image on FREEPIK.


How Can I get 1000 Viewers?

After approval of your post you can find your post at the homepage.

Click on your post and you’ll see share icons. like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Myspace, Live journal, Mewe, Yummy, Kik, vk etc if you do not have any account on that websites then create an account and share it.

The more you share the more your visitor comes to visit your post and you’ll get more money. You can also share it on TECHTUNES.


Where I find my views

You can find your post views on your profile tab. Or you can visit directly to this link to see your post view count.





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0% Dislikes

Admin Lookingx

I am the admin of this Lookingx website. Welcome everybody to our family.

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