18 Healthy Breakfast Ideas can make weight loss Easily – Hidden tips

A healthy breakfast with its deliciousness can motivate you to the peak. A healthy breakfast indicates a good and productive day as there is a saying ‘morning shows the day’. A good breakfast can make your whole day pleasant and if the breakfast is healthy then there is no force to catch you behind.


Health is so valuable that if health lacks your concern then your whole lifestyle, daily works will be hampered. So you should maintain your healthy life and gain health if you don’t possess a healthy body immediately. Mental health also depends on physical health. A good physical body means happiness overall. A healthy body and healthy mind can motivate you like no other to reach your potential. There is a saying that ‘health is wealth’. It is absolutely true.

A healthy body needs healthy food to maintain health. You should keep having healthy food on daily basis to be healthy all the time. You should take a healthy breakfast, a healthy lunch, and a healthy dinner. Here in this article, we will show you some of the most delicious and healthy breakfast ideas that will also be easy to prepare in a short time.

18 Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Weight Loss

Some people want healthy breakfast ideas and some want easy and simple breakfast ideas. Even some want vegan breakfast recipes. We will try to cover everything both healthy and simple breakfast ideas or combined breakfast recipes for you. We will also add some vegan breakfast ideas here and there.

1.  Scrambled egg

If you’re one of those people who wants to prioritize protein in their breakfast, scrambled egg is a great choice. This meal is one of the easiest meals to have a healthy breakfast. Moreover, it is also a delicious and simple recipe. Scrambled eggs take a very short time to prepare.

The ingredients are eggs, semi- skimmed milk, low-fat spread, a pinch of black pepper. If you add 2 slices of whole meal toast and a sprinkling of chopped chives the breakfast will be on a whole another level of tasty.

Watch the Video – Making a Healthy Breakfast Recipe with Scrambled Eggs

This is one of the most popular healthy breakfast ideas with eggs. If you are looking for some ideas of the breakfast for weight loss then it could be your best solution. This is also one of the best healthy breakfast ideas for kids. 

1. High protein chia pudding

This is one of the healthiest breakfast idea and most popular in southern USA. This breakfast recipes without eggs. Chia seeds do not possess high protein. If you add some high protein food such as yogurt, cheese, protein shakes, etc. the combination will be a healthy breakfast to start an energetic day.

This healthy breakfast idea contains dry chia seeds, protein powder, almond or coconut milk, berries, and sweetener if needed. Then combine all the ingredients and freeze up for an hour and be ready to consume this healthy breakfast recipe.

This is high protein breakfast no eggs. If you are seeking for healthy breakfast ideas without eggs and best breakfast for weight loss then this recipe could be for you. Chia seeds are high in fiber itself, so the hunger won’t strike you in the daytime and will keep you motivated to the work.


3. Blueberry Banana Nut Smoothie

Who doesn’t love to blend up an array of delicious ingredients into one creamy, colorful and nutritious, and delicious smoothie? It is a very beautiful-looking, healthy, and protein-rich breakfast recipe. We are here to show you how to prepare this delicious breakfast.

Some elements are optional but you can add those ingredients to make the smoothie rich flavored. The ingredients of this healthy breakfast idea are liquid (milk, juice, water, yogurt), soft fruits, veggies, leafy greens, dry ingredients like seeds, protein powder, ice, and frozen ingredients. You can add strawberry or raspberry to your smoothie to get an extra flavor.

4. Skillet breakfast potatoes

Breakfast potatoes are a typical diner-style breakfast idea you can have with your breakfast spread. It is crispy and has perfectly fried edges. If you add some spices and seasoning the whole recipe will be more delicious. It is heavenly when you have a pile of breakfast potatoes alongside bacon, fried eggs, or sautéed greens.

The ingredients of this simple, delicious and healthy breakfast idea are primarily potatoes, onions, dried spices like garlic powder, paprika, salt, pepper, and fresh herbs like parsley. You should boil the potatoes before frying for better crispiness.


5. Smashed Avocado Toast With Egg

Firstly avocado is full of fiber, potassium, vitamin C, and healthy fats. It easily makes into the list of healthy breakfast ideas. Then if you add other elements like egg, the breakfast will be a healthy complete meal. The breakfast meal is in every restaurant, but it is here on our list for its simplicity on how to prepare. This is most popular Indian breakfast recipes.

Smashed avocado toast with egg is one of the best breakfast recipes for its whole pack of nutrition elements out there. The ingredients are avocado, lemon juice, kosher salt and pepper, toasted bread, sliced boiled eggs, chopped fresh chives, and sesame seeds. It is a perfect vegan breakfast idea.

6.  Flower Power Sunny-Side Eggs

This breakfast is very good-looking and colorful. It is also heavily protein-rich and vitamin C. It is also one of the simplest breakfasts to prepare out there. If you are so busy, this breakfast will help in time management and also can provide you with necessary nutritious to proceed in a day.

The ingredients are large bell peppers of different colors, vegetable oil, some eggs, and chopped parsley. Sunny Side-up eggs look even yummier and more delicious framed in colorful bell pepper rings.

7.      Apple Cinnamon Crunch Overnight Oats

This breakfast preparation is so easy that you do not have to work anything in the morning though you have to do it at previous night for 5 minutes. The ingredients are so easy to acquire in winter or the month of December and January.

It’s just oats, almond milk, diced apples with a little lemon, cinnamon, honey, and your favorite granola for this version. There are several versions of oats meal but I prefer it for this fall. It’s amazing to have breakfast without doing anything after waking up. Also, it has amazing taste and healthy nutrients for your body.

8.  Matzo Toasts

Matzo toasts are among the healthy breakfast ideas. It is healthy, delicious, and beautiful-looking food. It is as simple as the other recipes on the list. Moreover, it is very delicious and nutritious.

It requires slightly more ingredients to prepare and they are Store-bought matzos avocado Toast, Mashed avocado, Cucumber, Red pepper flakes, Olive oil, Peanut butter, Sliced banana, Blueberries, Sliced toasted almonds, Maple syrup, Strawberries & Cream, Cream cheese, Sliced strawberries, Chopped pistachios, Honey, Spring Hummus, Radishes, chopped into matchsticks, Chopped chives.

9.  Almond Flour Pancakes

Pancakes are amazing to have for breakfast and if you add some nutritious ingredients it will be a healthy breakfast meal. The pancakes are low carb, plant-based natural protein-rich, gluten-free, fluffy, and light breakfast. You can use almond, peanut butter, banana, cottage cheese with these pancakes. It will make a healthy breakfast for you and your family. We will talk about the almond flour pancake recipe.

It requires just six simple ingredients and is naturally sweetened, and has a wonderfully fluffy, delicate texture. The ingredients are eggs, oil, sweetener, baking powder, milk, and almond flour. If you make it better, there are several optional additions like blueberries or chocolate chips and tons of toppings ideas for the whole family to enjoy!

10.  Healthy Breakfast with Migas

Migas is a Spanish dish. It is very tasty and healthy also. The healthy dish is Loaded with fluffy scrambled eggs, crispy tortilla chips, fresh pico de gallo, and tons of melty cheese.

Migas is a delicious, savory breakfast for starting a powerful, energetic day ahead. Feel free to add your preferred extra toppings, that will just increase the delicacy. Migas are included in Tex-Mex cuisine for Texas and Mexican elements.

11.  Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread

Pumpkin chocolate chip bread is a great breakfast meal. It easily made its place on healthy breakfast ideas. It is dry food with nutritious chocolate. It will give you the energy to work the whole day.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread at breakfast
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread – Easy Healthy Breakfast Idea

The dish is containing grated fresh ginger stirred right into the batter, and that makes this plush, moist pumpkin bread recipe extra special.

It is also spicy in taste. Moreover, the warm, melty chocolate chips keep it sweet. Pumpkin chocolate chip bread smells good also.


12.    Breakfast With Shakshuka

Shakshuka is a kind of egg with tomato dish and it is served with bread. How to prepare it? Shakshuka is the combination of onions and tomatoes in addition to some spices until it becomes saucy and fragrant. Then you add some eggs and bake or simmer until the eggs are cooked.

The ingredients are olive oil, chopped yellow onion, chopped clove garlic, kosher salt, pepper. Tomatoes, eggs, baby spinach, finely chopped, toasted baguette. You serve it with bread for dipping. It will be a tasty treat for a family breakfast.

13.  Mini Sesame Zucchini Loaves

Mini sesame zucchini loaves are another dish to have a healthy breakfast. This green-colored bread is a delicious and wholesome healthy menu. It easily made the list of healthy breakfast ideas for using citrus.

Breakfast with Mini Sesame Zucchini Loaves
Healthy Breakfast with Mini Sesame Zucchini Loaves

It is moist. The ingredients are olive oil, baking powder, flour, kosher salt, granulated sugar, packed brown sugar, large lemon, large eggs, zucchini, chopped and toasted walnuts, white sesame seeds, and butter.

14.  Mexican Breakfast Chilaquiles

When you wake up with this kind of delicious meal, you will wake up early every day. You can use this technique to wake your children up. This is a delicious breakfast and a much healthier meal.

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The necessary ingredients are large eggs, canola oil, tortilla chips, shredded Monterey Jack cheese, pickled jalapeño slices, thinly sliced avocado, pico de gallo, chopped cilantro, sour cream, lime wedges for serving.

15.  Make-Ahead Quiche

There are several types of breakfast quiche based on additional things you want to add. In order to start your morning with a bang and in the healthiest way, you can add from Pimiento Cheese, Asparagus and Bacon, Ham and Spinach or Mushroom and Zucchini to your quiche.

The necessary ingredients are all- purpose flour, sugar, salt, cold vegetable shortening, water, large eggs, whole milk, salt, olive oil, sliced mushrooms, clove garlic, grated zucchini and/or yellow squash, crumbled feta cheese, black pepper to transform one of the healthy breakfast ideas into reality.

Meaty, earthy mushrooms, and fresh green zucchini are a combination in millions and it tastes heavenly satisfying.

16.  Sweet Potato and Kale Frittata

This is a kind of food that you can have at breakfast, lunch, and dinner also. The preparation time is less than 30 minutes. Sweet potato and kale frittata are delicious and healthy.

It is easily included in the healthy breakfast ideas. Ingredients of this particular recipe are eggs, kosher salt, fresh pepper, olive oil, firmly packed chopped kale, onions, clove garlic, and goat cheese.

17.  Spinach Cheese Breakfast Pockets

These spinach cheese breakfast pockets are filled with eggs, spinach, cheese, and sundried tomatoes. This is a heavenly combination for breakfast. It will take you to your childhood when you had it on regular basis.

The ingredients are eggs, ricotta cheese, roughly chopped spinach, chopped basil, sundried tomatoes, red pepper, kosher salt, sesame seeds, etc.

18.  Green Eggs and Ham ‘Wiches

Green Eggs and Ham ‘Wiches easily made their place on our list of healthy breakfast ideas for their protein-rich and simplicity in preparation. It takes less time relatively to cook.

Healthy Breakfast with green eggs
Healthy Breakfast with green eggs and Ham ‘Wiches

The ingredients are ricotta cheese, parmesan cheese, lemon zest, olive oil, red and yellow bell peppers, zucchini, yellow summer squash, shallot, salt, black pepper, eggs, bread, and baby arugula, etc.


Final Words for the Healthy Breakfast Ideas

The meal you will eat in the morning should be healthy, delicious first. Then you have to think about time, how much time it will consume in preparation and cooking. We have considered all these things and made a list of healthy breakfast ideas on the basis of these parameters.

We have also provided an article about healthy dinner ideas on our website. You can check out for healthy dinner ideas. If you are warried about your weight and your belly fats and you are trying to avoid foods then you are making wrong. Proper foods helps in control your weight. You can check our article on weight loss below. It may help you a lot.

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We also included some recipes for vegan people. Most of the recipes contain the necessary amount of nutrition and can give you enough energy to go ahead in the daytime. We wish you the best of luck on your breakfast cooking experience and surprise the family with your delicious, even healthy breakfast.