Exclusive Idea To Make Money Online – 2020

Make Money Online - 2020
Make Money Online - 2020

Many people trying to make money online but most of them fail to make it. The main reason behind it is a proper guideline. When we make a search online we found many search results but most of them are not gonna work. We think that the websites which are on the top list are more trusted, but frankly speaking that it’s not true all the time. There is no relation with the top-ranked website and the trusted website. The website ranked upon proper SEO & Backlinks. But the contents they share it’s not always authentic.

Anyway, today I’m going to share my personal idea which I gained from my life experience. So, I think this will work if you follow me properly. I’m deviving it into some categories like Youtube, Websites or Blogs, Social Media, CPA & Affiliate Network. Today I’ll discuss the Youtube channel and then the next day on the Website and then Social media, & then CPA and Affiliate Network. So, Stay with me.


Let you have a youtube channel. You’ve made your SEO (In page & Off Page) properly. But you are not getting a proper response. But while you are searching on a topic related to your video your result comes within the first three. Now you are getting your video viewers, like, and subscribes very slowly. As we know Youtube only makes monetize after fulfilling their requirements. So you may need at least 12000 views, 1000 plus subscribes, and a minimum 4000 hour watch time.



Many of us used to increase our likes, views, and subscribers by using sub4sub. Because initially, it is too difficult to get 1000 subscribes. But recently the Privacy policy of Youtube has been updated by Youtube Team. From now no sub4sub channel will be monetized. So the only easy way has been blocked.


Youtube made a filter that traces the sub4sub website. But when your viewer comes from social media it is allowed by Youtube Community. So, you may have noticed that adequate responses are not available from social media. Because all the people or your friends at social media are not obliged to watch your video. So, here fulfilling the expectation is very difficult.

But if you join a community where all the people have the same purpose, then obviously you’ll make it. For this reason, I’m sharing the link between those types of community here. Just join there and post the link of your video there and make your dream success.

How does it work?

This community works simply. Every member of this website has a responsibility to help each other. They are not sharing their money they only helped each other by responding to other friends’ posts.

For example: let you have shared a video there, other members will click on your video, they will watch that, make like, comments and subscribe (if not yet) it. You also have to do the same for others. Because you are getting help from your friends so you also should do that.

Now think about it. If there are 20,000 plus members and they used to respond to each other how much money you can make from there.

Is not it make a bad impact as like as sub4sub?

This is not a sub4sub website. This is one kind of social media. The most important thing is at sub4sub there is no or limited returning viewers which monitored by Youtube. but here you are getting returning viewers. So there is no chance to band your channel by Youtube authority. Because it will be done by obeying the rules of Youtube.



The website that I’ve discussed is new. Their concept is very good but though it is new so the number of members is low. So you should also invite your friends who are interested in making money online to join here.

I think I can make you understand the fact. If you are interested to join then CLICK HERE


There are a lot of contents and ideas about Make money online and other topics on my website. You may visit there to read.





To be continued…..


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