40 Common SEO Myths – People fall in these sneaky Gossips easily

We have bad habits to hair someone and take decision of any task without any practical or verification. There are a lot of SEO Myths come by this way. Some people believes this and tell the others not to go through the way. By this time some others becomes motivated by them and keep themselves lack behind.



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1 40 Common SEO Myths that should avoid everyone

40 Common SEO Myths that should avoid everyone

So, in this article I am going to state some most common 40 SEO Myths that you never should believe.

SEO Myths – 1: Only the first rank matters

SEO Myths - 1: Only the first rank matters
SEO Myths – 1: Only the first rank matters

Numerous eBooks and different assets that entrepreneurs use will put a significant accentuation on the should be at the highest point of search results, regardless of whether that be on Google Search, different engines, or even in places like social media.

Yet, reviews have shown that individuals regularly will take a gander at different outcomes and they will look down through the page. Being on top of a subsequent page, for instance, can be very valuable for traffic. Additionally, search ranking is just one piece of the riddle.

Presently Google places different outcomes on the page like social suggestions and neighborhood results too, and that implies there are a lot more roads open to you, and being ahead of everyone else is no longer as vital as it used to be.

SEO Myths – 2: You can do SEO with no external assistance

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SEO Myths – 2 – SEO without any external Links

Doing SEO basically implies that you follow a bunch of methods and systems to expand the possibility that web clients will go to your webpage.

The facts confirm that anyone can get familiar with these strategies, and assuming you are a site proprietor and you need to do your own SEO then you can invest the energy to learn and apply those methods.

Be that as it may, SEO can be perplexing and contacts numerous regions, for example, internet promoting, coding, specialized perspectives alongside PR abilities.

Most entrepreneurs just don’t have everything needed to work really hard at SEO, and that is the reason such countless organizations exist that proposition help. A basic IT laborer or online marker is frequently sufficiently not in the event that you need great outcomes.

SEO Myths – 3: META tags are vital

SEO Myths - 3 - Meta Tag
SEO Myths – 3 – Meta Tag

It used to be that each page on your site required META tags to rank well. Those are little bits of code that would provide Google with a rundown of watchwords and a depiction.

The search engine would put together itself with respect to those to discover what your site was about. Presently in any case, those don’t influence your ranking by any stretch of the imagination.

Both Google and Bing quit thinking often about META tags to list destinations. In any case, they are not pointless. For instance, your portrayal tag will be the text that frequently shows up close to the connection that appears on the search result, so it’s as yet a helpful slice of the pie.


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SEO Myths – 4: Keyword-rich area names are positioned higher

Back in the dotcom days, it used to be that the URL you utilized was vital. Google set a ton of significance on the area name, and assuming you could get a name that had your watchword in it, you would acquire a major advantage over different destinations.

Therefore a ton of organizations in the last part of the 90s purchased space names for huge amount of cash. Yet, presently, the ordering system just ganders at the real substance of your pages, and not the area name. That name is as yet significant, in light of the fact that individuals actually get to see it, yet it won’t make you rank higher.

SEO Myths – 5: You need to present your site to Google or other search engines

All search engines used to have URL accommodation structures where you could send your site to Google and others. Truth be told, they actually do, yet that cycle is pointless.

The crawlers that these engines use currently are complex enough that any new site will be found surprisingly fast, in the event that not hours. The main time you would need to stress over presenting your site is if for reasons unknown it was not recorded consequently following two or three days.

SEO Myths – 6: Submitting a sitemap will support your rankings

SEO Myths - 6: Submitting a sitemap is enough for ranking
SEO Myths – 6: Submitting a sitemap is enough for ranking

Google offers a website admins interface and from that point, you can present a sitemap, which is a XML record containing connections to each page on your webpage.

A few site proprietors invest in some opportunity to submit such a document each time they roll out an improvement, yet that isn’t required.

Presenting a sitemap doesn’t change your rankings, everything it does is add pages which might not have been ordered as of now. Assuming your site is normal and has connections to the pages in general, then, at that point, it won’t be required.

SEO Myths – 7: SEO doesn’t has anything to do with social media

Before the approach of Facebook and Twitter, SEO was the unparalleled procedure to get traffic from a natural way. However, presently, social media is all over, and the line is rapidly obscuring between the two.

While certain advertisers actually believe SEO and social media to be various monsters, truly they are firmly connected.

For instance, Google currently puts their own social organization, Google Plus, into its search results. Assuming you can get an adequate number of persuasive individuals to discuss your item and connection to your site, then, at that point, their suggestions will appear in any Google search result that their companions does.

This plainly influences SEO. On the converse side, Facebook has begun following search also, by as of late presenting their Open Graph engine, which searches in light of companions and interests. So the two spaces are firmly connected, and they are turning out to be nearer constantly.

SEO Myths – 8: Google doesn’t peruse CSS files

The Google bot used to be genuinely crude and just saw text, which is the reason many individuals focused on the text some portion of their site.

Yet, since engine is exceptionally complex and it peruses JavaScript, CSS, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The crawler can see whether or not your site’s show is engaging for clients.

For instance, assuming that somebody searches on a cell phone and you have no versatile design on your site, you might pass up a great opportunity.

SEO Myths – 9: You want to refresh your landing page constantly

Certain individuals believe that by refreshing their landing page content constantly they will rank higher, or by not refreshing it their ranking will drop.

As a rule that isn’t true, since, supposing that you have a business page that offers an item, then, at that point, there would be not a single explanation to refresh that page except if something about the item changes, and Google anticipates that.

SEO Myths – 10: The H1 header has more prominent worth than the remainder of your text

The design of your page is seen by Google and different engines, yet you need to understand that many locales are organized in an unexpected way.

All things considered, nobody explicit tag has more worth than another. A H1 tag is just a header that relates to a CSS section so that the client might see your page a specific way.

It doesn’t make Google rank your page any distinctively assuming that you use H2 tags all things considered, or then again assuming your watchwords are for the most part in the text and not in a particular CSS tag.

SEO Myths – 11: Linking to other profoundly positioned locales helps your ranking

A few locales attempt to connection to numerous other significant position destinations to help their rankings, however that doesn’t help by any stretch of the imagination.

Google utilizes PageRank to conclude how your site will rank, and that calculation depends on how valuable your site is to other people, and as such it will just gander at the number of others connect to you.

Regardless of whether you connect back to them is of no significance. If not, any site could raise to the top basically by connecting to a large number of locales, which isn’t true.

SEO Myths – 12: Using mechanized SEO techniques is dependably spam

Many individuals utilize mechanized SEO techniques that don’t fall into the spam region. Many organizations have extremely large locales and they utilize robotized contents to do a great deal of the snort work of SEO.

Whether or not a strategy is malicious depends on what the outcome is, not on the way in which robotized it is.

SEO Myths – 13: PageRank is the main variable that is important

The calculation that Google uses to rank destinations is PageRank, which decides how helpful a site is to other people. However, the outcome likewise takes signs from many different contributions also, as indicated by what Google says.

A portion of these information sources are not difficult to see, such as having your site being suggested by others on Google Plus. This demonstrates that not just PageRank matters.

The organization is remaining hush-hush on the number of contributions there are, and how significant each gets gauged, yet obviously there is more happening than just PageRank.

All things considered in any case, it is still broadly accepted that PageRank is the main element, and a PR1 page is preferable all of the time over a PR3 one.

SEO Myths – 15: The title tag is stowed away from search engines

The majority of what Google sees on your website is the text that is apparent to clients, like what shows up on the screen and is delivered in an internet browser.

Accordingly, it would be not difficult to feel that the title isn’t gotten. Nonetheless, your title is vital for SEO, in light of the fact that that is the text that shows up on the connection individuals will tap on.

Not exclusively is Google utilizing it to help your ranking, yet individuals will see it too when they go to tap on your site.

SEO Myths – 16: Usability doesn’t influence SEO

The general purpose of SEO is to acquire traffic and get individuals to remain on your site so they can be engaged or purchase your items and administrations. In that capacity, SEO especially goes connected at the hip with ease of use, since this will have an effect in whether or not somebody stays on your site for long.

Assuming your site is difficult to utilize or explore, it is extremely simple for individuals to go to the following search result. Additionally, the search engines themselves will check out design and convenience.

On the off chance that your site is difficult to explore for your watchers, it will be hard for the crawler also, and having a terrible ease of use can influence your rankings.

SEO Myths – 17: The.edu and.gov backlinks are awesome

The facts really confirm that most.edu and.gov locales are all around positioned and have a significant position, on the grounds that those are normally official destinations that are very much kept up with and contain no spam. Notwithstanding, this is only a side-effect of how they are keep up with, it is no assurance.

The basic reality that they have a space which closes with.gov or.edu doesn’t help your ranking by any stretch of the imagination. Assuming you have a backlink on one of these locales, it may be just about as great as how much power that site has.

You don’t gain anything by the way that it is an instructive or government site. Posting a backlink on an obscure.edu website won’t help you anything else than posting it on a dark blog.

SEO Myths – 18: SEO depends on the amount of connections a site has

Accepting that the accomplishment of a SEO crusade is to have the most conceivable backlinks is misjudging how ranking functions. Any ranking calculation, regardless of whether it is Google, Bing, Facebook, and so on will rank destinations in light of a wide range of element.

To do effective SEO, you need to address these variables, and having a ton of connections is only one little piece of the riddle. Additionally, each connection has its own quality worth.

Regularly, a solitary connection from a well known news website discussing your item will be significantly more important than spamming many connects to obscure blog locales.

SEO Myths – 19: Backlinks are a higher priority than content

SEO as a rule costs time and cash, and as such it is unreasonable to figure you can do all that could be within reach in each aspect of internet promoting.

So regularly you need to simply decide, and some might be enticed to zero in on third party referencing rather than content. Be that as it may, the objective of SEO is to carry great traffic to your site. Quality is vital, not just amount.

Not having great substance implies your site has no worth to anybody, and as such it will rapidly lose any advantage that the additional connections gave you. Indeed, the most helpful backlinks are generally not those you have direct admittance to.

They are surveys from famous people in your specialty, news destinations, and any individual who as of now is a power discussing your item. By having great substance, those connections can really stop without anyone else, essentially through PR or verbal.

Be that as it may, a lot of backlinks on low power websites won’t help you much by any means, and the ranking you might get from them won’t keep going long as those destinations tidy up those connections.

All things considered, center around your crowd and attempt to know who you are composing for. By creating great substance you are helping your site more over time.

SEO Myths – 20: Paid connections will get you prohibited from Google

There are numerous ways of getting connections, and some of them incorporates some sort of installment. However, not all paid connections are in every case awful, it relies upon how that installment happens.

For instance, many locales, including Google, offer publicizing administrations. You can purchase an advertisement on AdWords, you could go to another promotion organization, and many locales offer their own promotion administrations.

While some of them won’t give you any ranking, others may, and those are totally authentic. Paying a site that spotlights on your specialty to have a connection in an essential area will probably not get you restricted, but you need to recall that there are techniques that will.

Purchasing inferior quality connections in mass is one of the most outstanding method for getting your site eliminated from the file.

SEO Myths – 21: Good content is all you really want

Very much like structure a multitude of connections won’t assist you with saving traffic for extremely long, having great substance and nothing else is additionally adequately not. A great many people concur that great substance is the foundation of having a fruitful site.

By having drawing in, helpful posts for your guests, you can guarantee that they will need to visit your site and remain there for quite a while. In any case, basically constructing it doesn’t spread the word about it. Indeed, even a generally excellent site needs to do some SEO to bring traffic.

Marking is unquestionably significant for any site, and getting your image out there through SEO is the main way you will get those eyes onto that substance.

Your articles and presents have on be combined with great approaching signs, and that incorporates doing a ton of the regular SEO strategies which can get you positioned in search engines so that individuals can track down your substance.

SEO Myths – 22: Google effectively punishes specific locales

Any individual who has accomplished some work in SEO has been confused sooner or later when seeing bizarre drops in ranking. It might appear as though you did nothing out of sorts, you expanded all of your advertising endeavors, yet some way or another Google chose to rank you lower.

It very well might be not difficult to imagine that your site was punished somehow or another, however most frequently that isn’t true.

Google plainly expresses that they just punish destinations that break their terms of utilization by effectively following untrustworthy techniques like spamming clients. Much of the time, the issue is somewhere else. One potential reason might be things that different destinations have done, and not you.

For instance, perhaps your rival got a huge convergence of connections since they showed up on a well known TV show. Another explanation is on the off chance that Google changed some piece of their inward calculation, which happens on a regular basis and can be awful for certain locales.

Many people recollect the Panda update which changed the ranking of millions of locales. Tragically in these cases it tends to be exceptionally elusive the underlying driver and fix it, and you might need to just work harder at SEO to recover your ranking. Oppose the compulsion to go to malicious techniques or to fault Google for it.

SEO Myths – 23: Google AdWords will give you particular treatment

AdWords is an exceptionally valuable program by Google where you can put a promotion on different locales to publicize your own. It ought to be important for any internet promoting effort. Notwithstanding, AdWords without anyone else doesn’t assist with supporting your rankings.

Some think that in light of the fact that an organization pays Google, then, at that point, they will give them special treatment in natural search, yet that isn’t true. On any commonplace search page, you can without much of a stretch see that natural results are isolated from paid commercials.

A PPC promotion mission will give you a ranking as in it will permit you to be seen on the advertisements side of the page, however it doesn’t influence your ranking on the natural side in any capacity.

SEO Myths – 24: SEO is something done once as it were

A great deal of locales do this misstep. At the point when the site is new and it has recently been made, the proprietors will put resources into doing some SEO, and afterward imagine that everything is finished. Yet, very much like promoting in reality, SEO isn’t something you can do once and afterward neglect.

All things being equal, it is a persistent cycle which must be done throughout an extensive stretch of time, regularly the whole existence of the site. This is on the grounds that the web is anything but a composed reference book, it is a medium that changes continually.

New contenders show up, search engines change their calculations, new chance for advertising show up, and joins that used to be great can become lifeless and not that significant any longer.

By continually watching out for your SEO endeavors you guarantee that your ranking doesn’t drop, and you can continue to zero in on new procedures that might demonstrate to work better.

SEO Myths – 25: SEO organizations can get ensured results

This is an exceptionally normal yet totally false case which a few promoting firms like to utilize. They guarantee that by utilizing their techniques, your results will be ensured.

Yet, truly nobody can guarantee a specific strategy is idiot proof for the very explanation that SEO isn’t something you truly do once then neglect. Everything changes on the web and no one can really tell when something that used to function admirably will quit working.

A few strategies are obviously better compared to other people, yet none is ensured. Additionally, assuming there was a mystical method for getting a high ranking, you can be certain that it would spill out sooner or later, and afterward everybody would utilize that equivalent strategy, making it useless.

SEO Myths – 26: Placing an excessive number of connections per page can punish you

Certain individuals have been informed that a specific measure of connections on a page can be terrible for your rankings. For instance, setting in excess of 100 connections on your presentation page will be awful for Google and you will get punished here and there.

While it is actually the case that spamming joins on a page is something you ought not do, and the Google bot has ways of recognizing when a page is a connection snare one, try not to be hesitant to make pages with bunches of connections.

However long they are pertinent and part of the ordinary route of your site, then, at that point, there will be no punishment. The more awful that could occur in these cases is that Google might choose to disregard interfaces section 100, however there’s nothing more to it.

SEO Myths – 27: Internal Links don’t make any difference for SEO

Many individuals consider connecting just to the extent backlinks go, and just spotlight on having different locales connect to their own pages.

Be that as it may, interior connecting is additionally significant, very much like your website format is significant, on the grounds that the search crawlers attempt to go about as similar as an ordinary web watcher as possible.

Assuming your site has terrible inner route, Google will actually want to identify that, and this could punish you. Take the time expected to make great inside joins and a simple to involve route framework for your site. This is the sort of thing that is not difficult to do and you ought not avoid this progression.

SEO Myths – 28: Facebook likes or tweets are the main element in SEO

Facebook Box Like I - Free image on Pixabay
SEO Myths – 28: Social Media Likes are enough for SEO

Social media has played a focal job in the way that individuals track down data on the web today, and the signs sent by these destinations are taken care of into search engines progressively.

No cutting edge business ought to overlook social media, basically in view of how much time individuals spend on Facebook or Twitter. Nonetheless, nobody social site is the sacred goal of SEO.

Regardless of whether getting Facebook preferences can be significant, is isn’t any more so than the numerous different methods that can be utilized.

Additionally, there are contentions that highlight the way that while many individuals invest a ton of energy on social systems administration destinations, they do as such to converse with companions, not to purchase items, so the advantage of a like is as yet not generally so comprehended as the advantage of ranking great on Google.

You ought not disregard the customary SEO and spotlight exclusively on social media.

SEO Myths – 29: Keywords are at this point not applicable

Locales used to be made with a section at the base loaded up with catchphrases to draw in more rush hour gridlock utilizing something many refer to as watchword stuffing.

Lately, knowledgeable advertisers have understood that this is not generally required, truth be told it is a training that is vigorously deterred via search engines.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t imply that catchphrases are not still vital. While you ought not do catchphrase stuffing on a page, getting a decent percentage of your watchwords in your real text is as yet essential.

At the point when somebody searches for a particular term on Google, how much opportunity this catchphrase comes up on your page is still intensely shown up.

SEO Myths – 30: Using greater headers will further develop your ranking

Header tags, for example, H1 or H2 truly do matter since search engines take a gander at the format of your site, so you want to have headers that appear to be legit and that contain your watchwords so the search engine knows what’s going on with the substance.

In any case, the size or style of these headers, for example, which CSS contentions you use, don’t make any difference since Google and other search engines are keen on the substance and ease of use, not the imaginative style.

SEO Myths – 31: Keywords must be careful matches

The facts confirm that words need to match what individuals type into a search engine, but there are contentions for utilizing words other than your chose watchwords.

For instance, most words have a ton of equivalents, and individuals type in those equivalent words constantly. By utilizing a bigger determination of catchphrases, you can make certain to get those searches too.

Likewise, while catchphrases will bring your site up in the results, whether or not somebody will tap on your connection relies upon what the title of that connection says. By having a sharp title, something that individuals would need to tap on, you acquire than by essentially rehashing a rundown of watchwords.

SEO Myths – 32: PageRank doesn’t make any difference any longer

At the point when Google initially began to be the top search engine and everybody zeroed in on ranking admirably, PageRank turned into the main standards each advertiser would follow.

It used to be, may in any case be, the information metric that influences a ranking the most, yet the organization has been clear ordinarily that locales are positioned on many various measurements, not simply PageRank. Therefore, some have quit thinking often such a great amount about the PR ranking.

In any case, this isn’t to imply that PageRank has no importance by any means any longer. While it is valid you should zero in on different things, you really want to watch out for your PageRank also.

SEO Myths – 33: Google Analytics can keep an eye on individuals

Google Analytics is the most famous examination programming utilized by destinations around the web, and thus certain individuals imagine that they are being kept an eye on. In any case, the organization has said ordinarily that no private information is being communicated utilizing Google Analytics.

To be sure, assuming you really utilize this assistance on your own site, you can see that the information you approach are all anonymized, and you just see numbers, not people.

SEO Myths – 34: You should complete your site prior to beginning to stress over SEO

SEO can be considered as a type of advertising, and most promoting endeavors are made after a site is finished, however there are steps that you should take previously.

For instance, you should ensure you have a decent format, great route, META tags, titles, etc. These are important for SEO and ought to be done while you are building the site.

Additionally recollect that search engines can track down your site when it is live, so you need your SEO to be prepared at whatever point Google first creeps it.

SEO Myths – 35: Buying Links, likes or tweets will assist your site with ranking better

There are a ton of destinations selling Facebook preferences, devotees, etc. Frequently, those administrations appear to be very modest, for example, 10,000 preferences for $10. Notwithstanding, much of the time these are not worth the cash.

To start with, they are normally phony records, bots that essentially mass follow at a cost. They are not genuine individuals, and that implies nobody will see those social signs, and therefore they won’t build your ranking.

More regrettable, many locales, for example, Facebook, Twitter and Google preclude these kinds of acts, and in the event that you get found, you could be delisted.

SEO Myths – 36: Paid backlinks come 100% of the time from obscure destinations

On account of mass administrations, the facts really confirm that a ton of those paid connections will come from obscure sources, including bots or intermediaries.

Nonetheless, numerous trustworthy locales sell joins too, through publicizing or even special treatment. In those cases, you might have exceptionally real connections on significant position destinations, and those can assist your site with ranking better on search engines.

SEO Myths – 37: Google won’t see as awful or nasty Links

A portion of individuals who purchase mass connections or who utilize mechanized strategies to spam blog entries believe that Google won’t track down them, and that they will acquire from their exploitative practices.

As a rule, that may really be valid, since Google and other search engines are not piece of the mystery police. Yet, while individual awful connections may not be found, the greater danger is that the locales on which your links have been set will be found and taken out from the list, or that the genuine calculation will be altered to make those backlinks immaterial.

At the point when that happens you might track down an exceptional change in your ranking.

SEO Myths – 38: You ought not put an excessive number of outbound links

Certain individuals imagine that they should just links to few outbound locales. There is just one situation where connecting to different destinations can hurt you, and that is assuming you become piece of a backlinks network for the sole reason for raising your ranking.

All things considered, when one site is found, every one of them might be hit. Yet, in some other case, Google and other search engines don’t care the slightest bit the number of outbound connection you have, and there is no restriction to how frequently you can connection to different destinations.

SEO Myths – 39: With great SEO you needn’t bother with PPC advertising

A few destinations will invest a ton of energy doing SEO and get extraordinary natural results, however and still, at the end of the day PPC missions can be valuable.

Overviews should that it regularly isn’t similar individuals who click on advertisements versus the people who click on natural connections, so it tends to be advantageous to do both, assuming you have the cash for it.

Likewise, PPC joins are ensured to cost you just when somebody clicks, and don’t experience the ill effects of changes in calculations like the Panda update.

SEO Myths – 40: You can control search rankings

This is a fantasy many advertising destinations endeavor to advance, the way that they can some way or another control search rankings in a manner that is outside customary SEO.

The general purpose of SEO is to attempt to rank your site better. In the event that there was one more strategy that really worked, by definition it would be important for SEO.

In all actuality there is no supernatural method for controlling search rankings, and normally when somebody says that they can, what they mean is that they will utilize dishonest ways of accelerating your ranking.

In any case, utilizing spam and other nasty systems mean your site is put in danger. You might have a lift currently yet pay for it later on.


To Warp Up – SEO Myths

So never fall in that SEO Myths stated above discussion. Search Engine Optimization is the best ways to rank your business as well as your Videos, contents, products, etc. You should always try the Natural and organic ways of SEO.

Regular website streamlining (SEO), also called natural site design improvement, is worried about augmenting the perceivability of a site by causing its postings to show up more as often as possible and all the more noticeably in natural indexed lists.

Normal website streamlining can give a lot better yield on speculation than other SEO strategies, for example, pay per click.

Normal site design improvement (SEO), also called natural website streamlining, is worried about amplifying the perceivability of a site by causing its postings to show up more habitually and all the more unmistakably in natural query items.

With natural SEO administrations, you will drive more designated traffic to significant in-site classes and greeting pages. Regular site design improvement ordinarily gives you a lot better yield on venture than other SEO strategies, for example, pay per click.

Normal site design improvement is refined by advancing your website pages and by expanding your “interface notoriety” by securing or paying for joins that highlight your site. This gives you high rankings at the Search Engines for your picked search terms.

The regular SEO results give a particular order to your subject that makes it simple for buyers to think that you are in the internet searcher pages. It likewise alludes to pages that are cultivated with catchphrases by your clients like pinged sites and gatherings.

Natural SEO will in general be simpler for individuals to peruse, while the calculations are more amiable to the web search tool bugs. Natural website improvement is an aggregate discipline of practices that yields higher natural web search tool rankings. These practices incorporate index accommodation, web search tool similarity investigation, arrangement of meta labels, article entries, site seriousness examination, connect ubiquity advancement, content enhancement and catchphrase advertising research.

Natural SEO blossoms with content; it subsequently requests more imagination and more importance than some other technique.

The different natural SEO systems incorporate point by point examination into watchwords and navigate rates, contender investigation, adherence to web index rules, and a review of webpage content, code, engineering and connection structure.

Normal SEO can likewise target various kinds of search, including picture search, nearby inquiry and industry explicit vertical web indexes.

Natural SEO strategies are the most practical strategy to arrive at your client. Notwithstanding, the greatest shortcoming of normal website improvement is the time needed to produce connections and “change” your site pages and watchwords to get those valued high rankings you so want.