#1 Classroom – Best Education Facilities by Lookingx

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Lookingx classroom has created for the students and it has awesome features for you. We offer students to study at home. We are your home tutor online.


At this time of pandemic situation like Corona, you no longer have to go to a private tutor’s house to read. Although there are many such websites online, our special features will fascinate you.

You can compare our class system with other websites. I am sharing some links below to compare.

My Tutor,

Yo Bangladesh

Tutor seba



Classroom Features:

Lecture Video
Each class contain a lecture video
Problem Solution
You have to ask questions on the topic that you missed to understand. We'll solve that problem
- The exam will be taken on each Lecture
- After closing each chapter exam will be taken
- Whole course will be divided into some parts and frequent exams will be taken for each course.
- After closing the course 5 exams will be taken.
Progress Report and Awards
- We'll provide a progress report for your parents so that they can help you in studying well and monitor your improvements
- Top 3 students will be rewarded at the final 5 examinations.
Discussion & Group Study
- We make some groups as your demand so that you can make group study online.
- We arrange weekly video conferences on google meet for discussion and to solve your problems.
- Professional teachers will be present at our meeting.






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