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21 Mind-blowing SEO Myths to Leave Behind in 2021
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21 SEO Myths to Leave Behind in 2021

By Reading this book you’ll learn SEO myths that leave behind in this year. This book is going to be your best learning part if you are the beginner in SEO.

SEO Myths

Book Overview

  1. “I must submit my site to Google.”
  2. “More links are better than more content.”
  3. “Keywords matter more than anything.”
  4. “Having a secure site isn’t important for SEO.”
  5. “You shouldn’t link out to other websites.”
  6. “Meta descriptions have a huge impact.”
  7. “Pop-ups will always hurt my rankings.”
  8. “SEO is something I should pass to IT.”
  9. “You can only have one H1 per page.”
  10. “My homepage needs a lot of content.”
  11. “The more pages I have, the better.”
  12. “Good user experience is an added bonus.”
  13. “Local SEO doesn’t matter anymore.”
  14. “Images don’t require optimization.”
  15. “The age of my domain will help me rank.”
  16. “Google holds grudges.”
  17. “Video doesn’t have any SEO benefits.”
  18. “I only need traffic from Google.”
  19. “Low-volume keywords aren’t worth it.”
  20. “Call tracking hurts SEO by affecting NAP.”


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