bKash Payment

bKash Payment

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bKash Payment (Send Money)

How to send money to bKash?:

  1. Launch your bKash app and login (With your PIN)
  2. Click the Send Money button
  3. Enter the recipient number 01741930022 (click →)
  4. Enter the amount 10 (click →)
  5. Enter reference (Quiz ID example: Quiz ID – 01) then enter your PIN (click →)
  6. Tap and hold to send money.

If you face any problem then you can visit their Official website

→ Now fill in the form below and submit

→ We will verify your application and send the page link of the test question to your email

→ 3 winners will be announced on the Leaderboard Page on the specified day and time. 

→ Prizes will be distributed to the winners at the specified time.

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