Best way to make money online – ***Exclusive tips*** – 2020

Best way to make money online - ***Exclusive tips*** - 2020

Best way to make money online –  ***Exclusive tips*** – 2020

Best way to earn money – You must can earn money from today, and I’m gonna show you the Best way to make money online (if you follow me) You don’t need to spend money (except if you want to buy domain and hosting)

Before telling you “what to do” I’m gonna show you the ways by which you can earn money from your website, shortly. If you want to search websites which make money you can see huge search results out there. There are many ways to earn money from your website. I’m gonna share some easier ways as a list here. Where do you get it? Don’t be panic, I’ll show everything here. Just read or watch the video that I’ve shared here. This video is in Bangle but you can see the video and read the article from here (if you are outside Bangladesh). 

Best way to make money online – Requirements :

  1. Internet connection
  2. Smartphone / Laptop / Computer
  3. Website / Blog / YouTube channel
  4. Connection with some social networks
 I’m going to make your earnings easy. So, please follow me. 
  1. Activate Monetization (except google adsense, because as a beginner you are not eligible to earn money from google adsense or other related sites but ) you can activate some other monetize site who pay for traffics and their clicks. I’ll provide all the links.
  2. If you have some content like movies, documents, and others that have good demand on the market to download you can share it and I think this is one of the best ways to make money online.
  3. If you want to make money online by selling your products, then this post will also be very helpful for you.
  4. You can earn money from your website ads.
  5. You can make money from sites by using other’s ad or CPA networks. Many CPA offers have PPL (pay per lead), PPS (pay per sale). You can make huge revenue and start your online earning.
  6. You can input paid surveys into your website and from there you can also make huge money.
  7. One of the processes of making money fast is lead generation, you can also do it from your website.
  8. If you know how to make money on the internet, then all processes will be easier to you.
  9. You can earn money from Email marketing by using your website.
  10. You can also make money from home by copy paste jobs like short links ( url shortener) by using your site.
  11.  You can earn money by using a content locker. If you are known to CPA networks like click bank, cpagrip, ADWORKMEDIA etc then you know what a content locker is and how it works.
  12. You can also earn money from affiliate networks and you can do it on your own website.
  13. You can add banner ads to your website and can earn money.
  14. You can add text link advertising to your website and this is the simplest way how a website earns money.
  15. You can publish Sponsored posts, sometimes known as advertorials, are adverts in the form of an article, usually containing the advertiser’s website link. This is also a good way to earn money.
  16. You can earn money by reviewing products from your website or channel or blogs.
  17. You can create paid online courses by using your site and make huge money from it.
  18. You can make your own affiliate program here and can earn money.
  19. You can create your own portfolio website and can make a hire me page. From where your buyer will be attracted to your performance and your chances to get work from a freelancing site will be easier.
  20. You can earn money by asking for a donation page and more money you can earn from here.
  21. You can become a consultant if you are very good at any subject.
  22. If your website content is good then you can sell it and make money online easily.
  23. If you are a graphic designer then you can sell your valuable designs by your website.
  24. So on….

Best way to make money online – what to do?

What’s Our Plan?I’m gonna make a community. It’s a website. If you (from all countries) join here everybody can earn huge money by mutual cooperation. Think if our community becomes at least 50,000 people around the world then if you upload a video on your YouTube (with proper SEO) then at least 30,000 people likes this, comments this and if you get at least 50,000 viewers with a large amount of subscribers your channel will get to the rank easily.  After that the rest of the volume will depend on your SEO performance and others that your video will be in first position or not. For this it will also depend on your content. So, you can go forward by using this community. Same thing for your website. Ad-sense or other media from where you’ll be paid for the traffic impression. So, you can get more clicks from here. If you have any downloadable content, you also can get more downloads from here. So, your earning will start from the next day. In short, everything is related to traffic which converts to make money. If you join this community then it will be easier to earn money. You can say that for sharing you have Facebook, twitter, MySpace and so on social media. But did you notice that if you have 500 friends and you posted a video or post how much viewers you got from them? I can say that maximum 20-30% viewers you can get from them. If you think, you also can make such a community, then just think, others also may think that and no benefits will come from it. Because no people will go there because he also may have a community. So, we all should join 1 community and promote our video, channel, website, blogs and others. This community will be only for the people who really want to earn money. So, the members of this community have some conditions:
  • You should click other’s posts and help him or her to promote. If it is a video then please put a like, positive comment, subscribe.
  • If it is a website link then please click it so that he or she could be benefited. Remember one thing if you help someone, then somebody will also help you. And here you do not have to spend any money.
  • But members also should keep it mind that he/she should not make any violated, uncensored post. Or any harassment links. If anyone does it then it will be reported by other members and that account may be banned forever.
 So, just think it deeply and I think anybody out there has not made such a concept before. Yes many people made pages or groups on social media, but that’s really not working because they are not bound to view or click your post. But I want to make such a community where everybody will be cooperative. Everybody will help each other to grow up and then sustainability at the marketplace will depend on their individual patients, hard working concept and how strongly they manage their SEO or keywords. 


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