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Best BCS preparation books available 2021

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BCS preparation books available for sale

BCS Preparation books are very important for better study. BCS is the dream job of many, and there is no jury of good preparation to fulfill this dream. And for good preparation I want good quality books.
Today I have brought to you good quality BCS books, although these are old books but new to look at. And the biggest thing is that there is not much difference between the new book and last year’s book. There are some recent data changes. For which only special numbers will be covered.

There are many people who are very talented but do not have the ability to buy new books, again BCS preparation often requires books from different publications, which is very expensive. So today I have come to you with last year’s book at cheap rate. If anyone needs contact, take it.
Mentioned with price –

BCS preparation books for 43 Preliminary Exam

BCS preparation books for Preliminary exam

BCS preparation books for Preliminary exam

⇒ Price: 1500 Taka (All together)

BCS preparation books for Viva

36, 37,38 BCS viva books are available. Please check photos and take your own.


36 BCS Viva guide

⇒ Price: 1000 Taka (All together)

36 BCS Viva guide

BCS viva guide

37 BCS viva guide














⇒  Price: 1000 Taka (All together)








⇒  Price: 1000 Taka (All together)







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BCS preparation books for Written exam

The following books for BCS Written exam. You can read confidently from here because there are no change in syllabus from the previous year. 

⇒  You have great opportunity to  buy and get some important books for free.

36 bcs written books

36 bcs written books



⇒  Price: 1000 Taka (All together)

36 bcs written digest

36 bcs written digest












⇒  Price: 400 Taka (Per Piece)

38 BCS Written Books

38 BCS Written Books


⇒  Price: 1500 Taka (All Together)

⇒  Buy all and get some important BCS preparation books free

43 bcs digest written

43 bcs digest written












⇒  Price: 700 Taka (only)


⇒ Payment method: bKash, Nogod, Rocket , Cash on Delivery

⇒ How to buy:

→ Contact this phone number 01703939070,

→ Come to our provided location

→ Pay and take your desired books

To Buy please contact us below

What is BCS?

The Bangladesh Civil Service is a nationwide competitive examination in Bangladesh conducted by the Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) for recruitment to the various Bangladesh Civil Service cadres, including BCS (Admin), BCS (Taxation), BCS (Customs and Excise), BCS (Foreign Affairs), and BCS (Police) among others.

The examination is conducted in three phases – the preliminary examination, the written examination and the viva voce (interview). The entire process from the notification of the preliminary examination to declaration of the final results takes 1.5 to 2 years.

Preliminary examination system

This examination is a screening test conducted on the following pattern: Subject :

→ Bengali – 35 Questions,

→ English – 35 Questions,

→ General Knowledge on Bangladesh & International Affairs – 50 Questions,

→ General Science and computer – 30 Questions,

→ Mathematical Reasoning and Mental Ability – 30 Questions,

→ ethics and good governance -10, geography-10


→ Duration: 2 hours
→ Marks: 200
→ Question type: Objective

Written examination

General cadre
Nine Compulsory subjects:
→ General Bengali (Part I & II) = 200 Marks
→ General English (Part I & II) = 200 Marks
→ Bangladesh Affairs (Part I & II) = 200 Marks
→ International Affairs = 100 Marks
→ Mathematical Reasoning and Mental Ability = 100 Marks
→ General Science and Technology = 100 Marks


Technical cadre

Seven compulsory subjects and two post related subjects
→ General Bengali = 100 Marks
→ General English (Part I & II) = 200 Marks
→ Bangladesh Affairs (Part I & II) = 200 Marks
→ International Affairs = 100 Marks
→ Mathematical Reasoning and Mental Ability = 100 Marks
→ Two Papers for post Related subject = 200 Marks

Both cadre
One applying for both cadres: Nine compulsory subjects and two post related subjects

Viva voce (interview)
Candidates who pass the written phase successfully are qualified for the interview commonly known as viva voce. Success rate in this rigorous phase is quite lower than other phases. Current marks allocation for viva voce is 200.

Final selection
BPSC selects the candidates on the basis of the aggregated marks of written (obtained marks out of 900) and viva voce (obtained marks out of 200). BPSC makes a merit list for those who obtains pass mark in the written and viva exam.

Preliminary marks is not considered in this regard. 45% of the selection was made on the basis of merit and rest 55% according to several quotas. But now that the quota system has been cancelled, 100% of the selection will be held based on merit.

BPSC recommends the selected qualified candidates to the Ministry of Public Administration.[9] The ministry publishes the gazette of the selected candidates after a rigorous inspection of medical test by DGHS, Police verification and NSI verification. Generally, the entire process from the advertisement to the final date of joining takes 1 year.

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