Appropriate Word

GOVT JOB PREPARATION (ENGLISH – Appropriate Word) – 2021

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Today I am here with the very important topic “Appropriate Word”. Just check out previous year’s questions. You must see that many questions come from this topic. So, read with care and attention on Model Tests on it.

Appropriate Word

Appropriate Word for 43rd BCS preparation

♦ Honesty is indispensable — success. (for)
♦ would you mind — the window? (opening)
♦ He infused a new spirit —- the army. (into)
♦ Though blind of one eye, he is not blind — his son’s faults. (to)
♦ He lost his phone — the cinema hall. (in)
♦ Many prefer donating money — distributing clothes. (to)
♦ The Himalayas is — the north of India. (to)
♦ He will compensate you — the loss. (for)
♦ The lights have been blown — by the strong wind. (out)
♦ This pen is inferior — your pen. (to)
♦ Trees have cast — off their leaves. (cast)
♦ I cannot —- to pay such high prices. (afford)
♦ The policeman rescued the child — danger. (from)
♦ Nobody knocked him down. It was an —? (accident) [not incident because: কেউ তাকে ফেলেনি. ]
♦ Don’t exult — a fallen foe. (over)
♦ You should attend — your lessons. (to)
♦ put some sugar — the tea. (in)
♦ He is afflicted — gout. (with)
♦ He has a great apathy — his studies. (towards)
♦ I would have picked you up from the airport if I —- that you had planned to arrive today. (had known)
♦ I don,t mind — with the cooking but I am not going to wash the dishes. (helping)
♦ The Olympic games were watched by —- billions of people all over the world. (literally)
♦ The widow then burst —- tears at the sad news. (into)
♦ A modest man does not boast —- his merit. (of)
♦ As he accepted the offer — I had nothing to do. (late)
♦ One of my uncle died — malaria. (of)
♦ We must not write an academic essay in — (2nd person)
♦ He broke the jug —- a hundred pieces. (into)
♦ Instead of ‘continue’ which word may be used? (carry on)
♦ He often —- newspapers but he has never —- a novel. (reads, read)
♦ He has deprived — his paternal property. (of)
♦ Friendship is a feeling of goodwill and love that — between two persons. (exists)
♦ The road runs — hill and plain. (across)
♦ Select the right word/words: I do not believe —— his honesty. (in)
♦ The rescue team — continuously till now. (has been working)
♦ I am entitled —– a share in the profit. (to)
♦ The Democratic party’s candidate —- defeat in the small hours of the morning. (accepted)
♦ When we found him he was unconscious but he came —- in half an hour. (round)
♦ Scarcely had he come —- it started raining. (when)
♦ My brother has no interest — music. (in)
♦ All of the people at the AAME conference are — ? (Mathematics teachers)
♦ He fantasized —- winning the lottery. (about)
♦ The teacher failed to make the students — to him. (listen)
♦ He doesn’t have much time to attend — his garden these days. (to)
♦ The teacher asked the boys to stop —. Which of the following is the correct verb form in the blank above? (writing)
♦ Neither professor Johnson nor any other faculty member — to apply for the dean’s position. (intends)
♦ What a contrast —- his brother? (to)
♦ I went — great sufferings. (through)


♦ Which one is correct in essay writing? (are)

♦ Do not stare —- my face. (at)
♦ He is devoid — commonsense. (of)
♦ He does not attend — his office timely. (at)
♦ When they had their first child , they put —– a large sum for his education. ( aside)
♦ He is named — his father. (after)
♦ My uncle has three sons — work in the same office . ( All of whom )
♦ If we want concrete proof, we are looking for —– ? (Clear Evidence)
♦ The film had started before we — the cinema. (reached)
♦ The client lodged a complaint — the cashier (against)
♦ Your conduct admits —— no excuse. (of)
♦ Nobody —– Alam knew the way. (but)
♦ Rahima has not yet come back —- the bazaar. (from)
♦ I thought that —- was the last one. (the prettiest one of all)
♦ The teacher is popular — his students. (with)
♦ The intellectual cannot live — the margins of society. (beyond)
♦ They were charged —— receiving stolen goods. (with)
♦ I should appreciate it if you could complete this work —- Thursday. (by)
♦ Please come —- my office. (to)
♦ The parents should authority — their sons and daughters. (over)
♦ The widow then burst —- tears at the sad news. (into)
♦ He is leaning — the wall. (against)
♦ If there were a concert today — (I would go)
♦ Are you doing anything special —- the weekend? (at)
♦ Sentence correction: In each of the following sentences there is one word missing : 
We saw several haunted houses were fire wile coming from border areas. ? (on)
♦ He has paid the penalty — his crimes — five years in prison. (for , with)
♦ There are —- dangerous drivers. (a lot of)
♦ Do not use — language. (Obscene)
♦ There is no alternative —- training. (to)
♦ Many people of our country live — hand from hand to mouth. (from)
♦ He won a victory — his rivals. (over)
♦ Now a days many villages are lit —- Electricity. (by)
♦ The number of applicants seeking government job —. (has increased)
♦ I prefer tea —- coffee. (to)
♦ The second world broke — in September, 1939. (out)
♦ The man is blind — his son’s fault. (to)
♦ Every driver must be held — his own actions. (responsible for)
♦ The man died — overeating. (from)
♦ The death toll would — much higher if immediate action had not been taken. (probably have been)
♦ I caught him —- the ear. (by)
♦ He is firmly determined to go ; you can’t prevent him — going there. ( No Ans: of/in/from/by)
♦ Sinners will suffer —-. (in the long run)
♦ You are not amenable — reason. (to)
♦ I finally killed the fly —– a rolled up newspaper. (with)
♦ I still adhere —– my NTRCA preposition. (to)
♦ I attend — office punctually. (to)
♦ A seventeen year old is not —- to vote in an election. (old enough)
♦ I hope to meet you — in January. (sometime)
♦ Choose the correct pair of words which will complete the sentence : He was full of — at the thought of the — ahead. (apprehension, danger)
♦ Do not brood so much — your misfortune. (on)
♦ The customer gets what he pays — (for)
♦ Choose the correct preposition.The tree has been blown — by the storm (away)
♦ Don’t make a noise while your father– (is sleeping)
♦ Choose the right preposition for the following sentence: I hope you are not angry — her. (with)
♦ One should be careful about —- duty. (one’s)
♦ I never apprehensive — my success. (of)
♦ Julia has been ill —- three months. (for)
♦ ‘I never interfere —- my grown up children,’ Mrs. Chowdhury said. (with)
♦ Jerry — at the orphanage since he was four. (had been)
♦ He is devoid — commonsense. (of)
♦ He was entrusted — the care of his uncle. (to)
♦ I have often found him negligent — duty. (in)
♦ The proper function of the press is surely to —- the man in the street with facts. (provide)
♦ Rahim — for a new roommate before he finally succeeded. (had been looking)
♦ New programs will be —- next week in Bangladesh Television. (telecast)
♦ If a substance is cohesive , it tends to —-? (stick together)
♦ Many Nigerians were converted — Christianity in the nineteenth century. (to)
♦ We need to hundred dollars — this to pay for everything. (besides)
♦ She was blessed —- a son. (with)
♦ Two of the children have to sleep in one bed, but the other have —- ones. (separate)
♦ Zafar is quick—-understanding. (at)
♦ Fate smiles —- those who untiringly grapple with stark realities of life. (on)
♦ A pilgrim ia a person who undertakes a journey to a– (Holy place)
♦ The disgruntled man grumbled —– his fate. (at)
♦ His house is adjacent —- mine. (to)
♦ The policeman rescued the child —- danger. (from)
♦ ‘ I —- remember the holiday I spent in your home’, she said —? (always)
♦ Are you confident — your performance? (of)
♦ He was full of — at the thought of the — ahead. (apprehension, danger)
♦ He parted — his friends in tears. (from)
♦ You should be repentant —— your misdeeds. (for)
♦ It — when I reached home. (was raining)
♦ Give my —- to him. (compliments)
♦ Some days — since my father died . (have passed)
♦ I regret —- Summa about the wedding (telling)
♦ Almost everyone fails — on the first try. (in passing his drivers test)
♦ Feed the baby —- milk. (on)
♦ He died — heart attack (of)
♦ Della stood — the window (by)
♦ Three score is — (three times twenty)
♦ To stay healthy, we must plan to have a balanced- (diet)
♦ As he owed me money , he tried to avoid — me. (meeting)
♦ Rabindranath’s stories often —– surprise ending. (have)
♦ If I found the lost dog,I — it to its owner. (would return)
♦ Karim as well as Nayeem — praise. (deserves)
♦ Honey is —— sweet (very)
♦ He could not prevail — you. (over)
♦ I have lost the watch, it will — be found . (never)
♦ You are looking smart — this dress. (in)
♦ He and I — well . (are)
♦ He is the —- teacher in the school. (best)
♦ Your offer is acceptable — me. (to)
♦ My wife has no interest —- music. (in)
♦ The author thinks that true learning will lead to— (personal understanding of the ideas of writers)
♦ We shall return before the sun ——.? (sets)
♦ An ignorant person has prejudice —- new ideas. (against)
♦ He advised us to desist — the attempt. (from)
♦ I have read the book —- you lent me. (that)
♦ Swimming is conducive —- health. (to)
♦ He congratulated me — my success (on)
♦ She is beautiful but she is —– her mother. (not so beautiful as)
♦ I count — your help. (upon)
♦ We should abstain —- smoking. (from)
♦ I shall do it — pleasure. (with)
♦ We have recently entered —- an agreement with the Inland co-operative society. (into)

♦ Did he spend all the day — his room? (in)
♦ What is the time —– your watch. (by)
♦ Bread and butter —- my favorite breakfast. (is)
♦ He is jealous —- my fame. (with)
♦ The helicopter is hovering — the trees. (over)
♦ They had to call —- the match as the ground was wet. (off)
♦ He divided the money —— the two brothers. (between)
♦ He ran — debt. (into)
♦ Which is the correct sentence? (Jane was angry with me)
♦ Smoking — our health. (affects)
♦ Even as harvesting was going on—– (the rainy season began)
♦ The doctor — after the patient had died. (came)
♦ I am fatigued —- wide traveling. (for)
♦ We went — a party — Rita’s house on Sunday. (to, at)
♦ I don’t enjoy — cricket very much. (playing)
♦ Hard Labor has — him. (broken down)
♦ If we had a boat, we — the river. (would cross)
♦ He has been ill — Friday last. (since)
♦ I — him since we met a year ago. (haven’t seen)
♦ We are used to — early in the morning. (rising)
♦ The children were entrusted — the care of their uncle. (to)
♦ I have — interest in the matter. (no)
♦ I am not bad — tennis. (at)
♦ Choose the correct alternative: The rich should not look down – the poor—– (upon)
♦ The father with his three sons —- lift the place. (has)
♦ Water boils —- you heat it to 100° Centigrade. (if)
♦ He —- here yesterday. (came)
♦ The number of applicant’s seeking government jobs — (has increased)
♦ He was accused — theft. (of)
♦ What are you so angry——? (about)
♦ The police is looking —- the case. (into)
♦ If I — you, I would never do it. (were)
♦ He died — his country. (for)
♦ Men differ —- opinion. (in)
♦ He is deaf — my request. (to)
♦ The intellectual can no longer be said to live — the margins of society. (beyond)
♦ Who will account —- the loss? (for)
♦ Hurry up! we have to go — five minutes. (by)
♦ I kept the pencil — the pencil box. (inside)
♦ Rizvi requested Rini —– telephone to attend the meeting. (over)
♦ Even as harvesting was going on —— ? (the rainy season began)
♦ A man is known —- the company he keeps. (to)
♦ I have — interest in the matter. (no)
♦ The earth moves —- the sun. (round)
♦ The film is showing — the Balaka Cinema Hall. (in)
♦ He had a need —- an interest — athettics. (for, in)
♦ He hankered —- fame. (after)
♦ Youth is impatient — restraint. (of)
♦ Anger may be compared — fire. (to)
♦ He has assured me —– safety. (of)
♦ Nature is the —— physician. (best)
♦ I could not attend the school — of illness. (on account)
♦ She argued — me about the marriage. (with)
♦ The ministers arrived —- a decision last night. (at)
♦ Government has been entrusted —- elected politicians. (to)
♦ In order to improve farming methods , we need —- ? (machinery)
♦ The climate is congenial —– health. (to)
♦ It’s impolite to break — when some one else is talking. (in)
♦ He died —- an accident. (by)
♦ Life is a tale told — an idiot. (by)
♦ Give her a telephone number to ring — she gets lost. (in case)
♦ He has been absent — (Since Sunday)
♦ The walls of our house have been painted —- green. [Appropriate preposition] (ANS: No preposition)
♦ My friend always goes home —- foot. (on)
♦ I am not good – translation. (at)
♦ Fate smiles …… those who untiringly grapple with the stark realities of life. (on)
♦ The miser gazed …… at the pile of gold coins in front of him. (avidly)
♦ Catching the earlier train will give us the …… to do some shopping. (chance)
♦ I saw a …… of cows in the field. (herd)
♦ The grapes are now …… enough to be picked. (ripe)
♦ Success in this examination depends …… hard work alone. (on)
♦ My uncle decided to take …… and my sister to the market. (me)
♦ If you smuggle goods into the country, they may be …… by the customs authority. (confiscated)
♦ Man does not live by …… alone. (bread)
♦ Piyush behaves strangely at times and, therefore, nobody gets …… with him. (along)
♦ Rohan and Rohit are twin brothers, but they do not look …… (alike)
♦ To err is …… to forgive divine. (human)
♦ The ruling party will have to put its own house …… order. (in)
♦ ___ of old paintings is a job for experts. (Restoration)
♦ The paths of glory lead …… to the grave. (but)
♦ The telephone …… several times before I answered it. (had rung)
♦ He passed the examination in the first class because he___(had worked hard for it)
♦ If negotiations are to prove fruitful, there must not only be sincerity on each side, 
but there must also be __ in the sincerity of the other side. (faith)
♦ I hate sitting …… him as he always smells of garlic. (beside)
♦ Some regions of our country still remain …… to the average man. (inaccessible)
♦ It …… that Prashant will not be selected for the post. (seems)
♦ In Bush, Saddam was up …… more than his match. (against)
♦ I haven’t seen you …… a week. (for)
♦ I listened, but I had no idea what he was …… about. (talking)
♦ The car in which the minister was traveling …… with an accident. (met)
♦ The non-cooperative attitude of the members can only …… the image of the society. (spoil)
♦ Sonika is quite intelligent but rather …… (lazy)
♦ In a little-publicized deal, Pepsi, Cola has …… the entire soft drink market in Afghanistan. (captured)
♦ He …… in wearing the old-fashioned coat in spite of his wife’s disapproval. (persists)
♦ She …… a brief appearance at the end of the party. (put in)
♦ Life is to death as pleasure is to ……(pain)
♦ This, partly, explains how the Sumi family has been able to …… its lavish lifestyle in recent times, 
despite the fact that all its assets have been …… (keep up, destroyed)
♦ The machine is difficult to build …… easy to maintain. (but)
♦ If you work beyond your capacity, you will naturally feel …… (tired)
♦ If you persist in telling lies to me I shall sue you …… slander. (for)
♦ His father-in-law …… him up in business. (set)
♦ …… works of reference are valuable as Encyclopedia, Britannica. (Few)