Affiliate Marketing: 5 life-hacks that blow your mind, 1st one is the best

Affiliate Marketing Tips

There are many people out there who made their careers with affiliate marketing. Some people never made it. The main reason behind their failure is that they frequently jumping to affiliate marketing without any proper knowledge about it. So in this article, I’m going to share 5 Facts You Never Knew About Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing where one promotes other company’s product to the related market place and get commissions for sale. This commission is provided by the product owner. An affiliate marketer is actually working as a middle man.It is not necessary to have a website or blog to promote products. There are many ways to promote your products to the related field.

Can I make millions of dollars from here?

It is not impossible. Many people making millions of dollars from this market place. If you can work properly you also can make it. You must be hard working person for doing it. You also need to be patient equally.

Lists of Affiliate Network websites

At first, you need to know about the market place before starting any affiliate programs. So you should also know which company provides affiliate programs and what products are they want to be promoted. There are many websites who are providing this service on various types of products. Some websites amazon, eBay, daraz, aliexpress, etc are familiar to everyone. They provide mainly physical products. Besides these websites please check others website below:
Serial No
Product Type
Both digital and physical products
Digital products
Digital Products
Digital Products, CPA, PPC, CPL

Digital Products

Both physical and Digital products with CPA, PPC, PPL, CPS options.
Digital Products
Digital Products with CPC, CPA, or both CPA and CPA offers.
Online courses

Digital Products

Digital Products, niche e-books, online courses, and e-courses & some physical products

Both physical and digital products


Both physical and digital products



Digital products, primarily software, e-commerce, and Software & Service.

Benefits of Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketers target different techniques such as promoting through ads, engaging in Social Media, Emails, blogging, and so on. Here are some benefits for affiliates:
  1. You can get unlimited income from commissions and there are no limitations.
  2. You don’t need to make any headache about product manufacturing.
  3.  You don’t need to take any headache for product delivery. The product owner will do all, you just have to promote their product.
  4. You have no risk for any losses.
  5.  You don’t need to invest in anything.
  6. You don’t have to worry about customer support and having a website or blog is not necessary.
  7. Here you are your own boss. So you do not need to worry about time limitations. Tale your own time to promote.
  8. No location, no senior authority tension. You are a free bird. Choose your preferred location and preferred product to promote.
  9. This is a time-saving business.
  10. It’s growing popularity because it is a performance-based marketing platform.
  11.  It is a trusted market place and it removes the pain of buying products of customers.

Facts you must need to know before affiliate marketing

Many marketers can not gain success because they do not know the system “how to make affiliate marketing”.Now I’m gonna discuss the factors which you must have to keep in mind before starting any marketing.

Selecting the Proper Niche:

Niche selection is very important in affiliate marketing. If you are promoting a T-shirt to the audience who are interested in buying electronic goods then your hard work will become useless. Nobody is going to buy your products. But if you can reach your product information to the proper audience then hopefully 50-60% audience will respond and you’ll get the success.

Proper Information:

Lack of proper information or wrong information about your product may fall you in danger. Because you may get a negative impact on this and they never be interested in any products from you. So, always be honest about any kind of marketing.

Time Management:

Time management is very important after receiving a product link from your affiliate network. If you fail to complete your commitment and it happens more and more then the owner can get through off you. On the other hand, some products may have some season like during the rainy season umbrella, raincoat, etc have a very good market. If you promote this type of product in the hot season then it will be good for nothing.

Achieving trust of the audience:

If you want to get success in the market place you must have to get the trust of your audiences. When they feel that you are reliable, the number of your audience will increase and your sale also is increased. On the other hand, your product owner also feels trust in you and thus you can sustain in this field for a long time, and thus you will be more profitable.

Knowledge about realtime product trends:

You must have a very good idea about realtime market place trends. You should know what is trending right now. There is various way to know about trending products. Among these google trends is the most famous. For example, I am going to search for some items for analyzing the market.

How to promote affiliate products:

There are various ways to promote affiliate products. You can use any or all of these ways.Email Marketing: Email marketing is a very popular and easy process for promoting affiliate products. At first, you have to collect the email address of your clients and then write a very short but attractive and informative article on your product and then email them. If you don’t have an idea what is email marketing and how it works then please watch the video below: There are many free and paid newsletter or email marketing platform available. But there is some problem with sending emails with free software. So, the best idea is to email them with your Gmail, yahoo, bing, Hotmail, or AOL email. In this process, this will be a lengthy and hard-working process but it’s very effective. In a free account per day, you can send 30-50 emails per day.Blog Post:Another and very good platform for selling affiliate is blog posting. If you have a blog or website and you have sufficient visitors then this is the best way for you. You can make a good review on your product there and people may feel interest to buy it and you’ll get the commission from the mother site.Youtube:You can make video on your affiliate product and the people are watching your video they may have the interest to buy it. For doing this you must have a Youtube Channel.Social Media:Most of us using social media like Facebook, TwitterLinkedIn, etc. You can share your post to social media and you can make a group or if you have a membership to a large group then you can post or share your product there.But there is another big idea to spread your product with a community website. You can use BCROWN for this purpose. How bcrown works?Commenting:You can find related websites and find where maximum comments available. Then you can make a comment there about your product. If site admin approves your comment then there has a huge possibility that your client may have an interest in your product. This process is similar to Backlinks
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