Science: 4 Essential Tips To Avoid Failure In Research Paper

Science: 4 Essential Tips To Avoid Failure In Research Paper
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What is Science?

Science (also could be called the body of knowledge) is the actual examination of everything that could be seen, attempted, and affirmed in the real world. Science is the Polish word that comes from the Latin word Scientia, which implies information. “Without Science: without it, we can’t do anything.”

Almost everything in this world belongs to scientific creation. Everything that we use in our daily lives contributes to it. The father of ancient science was Thales of Miletus, and Galileo Galilei is called the father of modern science.

Modern body of knowledge is so updated and makes our life easier and faster. It only became possible due to the contribution of various scientists. The advancement of the body of knowledge began with the invention of the wheel; the Higgs boson cone in 2021 brought about the origination that researchers assessed to be the last molecule of the standard model. 


 Branches of Science:

There are many branches of science. But the ease of study can be divided into three main sections of which are –

  1. Natural Sciences
  2. Social Sciences
  3. General Sciences

These branches also can be divided into 2 parts as shown in the below figure: – 

Classification of science
Branches of Science

 Figure-1: Branches of science

Understanding the chemistry of science:

Most of the students are afraid of taking science as their main subject, some students of science could not make better results in the examination. They are Scared of science, its laws, theories, and equations. But actually, science is a very Facetious and easy subject than others. 

Just think, if you like to play cricket, you play it very well, you know very well how to play a ball. Because you have found interest in the game, you know it’s chemistry; you enjoy playing. Every subject is just like that. You have to find out the chemistry of it, enjoy it. Then each content will be interesting for you.

4 Essential Tips To Avoid Failure In Science

No study is a piece of cake. But if you can technically handle then it will be easiest lesson for you. Now cut to the point, I am going to shortly describe about the 4 essential tips to avoid failure in research.

Read attentively

Most of us just study for the pressure of guardians, not from the inner core of heart. This study never effective for learning. You have to keep in mind that you should not read for the exam, you should read any subject for gaining knowledge.

How much time you are using for study is not a fact, but the fact is how much concentration you can provide to your study. Now you may say I can’t concentrate on reading in any way, bad thoughts come to my mind when I sit down to read or I don’t like reading.

I have a better solution for it. But I’ll discuss in details in our next lesson. But till then you can read this article which has provided well information about How to Stay Focused While Studying, Backed by Research.

Understand your reading

Only reading is not effective to reach your goal. You have to understand which you are reading. Many of us read, memorize or try to memorize just to read. It will be forgotten one day. But if you understand that reading, you will never forget it.

For example, you are trying to memorize “Atoms consist of three basic particles: protons, electrons, and neutrons where nucleus of the atom remains in the center of the atom which consists the protons (positively charged) and the neutrons (no charge).”

Structure of Atom
Structure of Atom

If you don’t understand it, just memorize it, then one day you will forget and you may loss the basics of your study. On the other hand if you understand it by comparing the picture you never forget the structure and you never have to read it again.

Compare with Practical Life

You should compare every topic with practical life while reading. If you could successfully made it you never fall behind.

For example: You are reading about the Nylon from POLYMEIZATION chapter. Then you should compare it with the real example and you can search it to the web and you’ll get a lot of presentation and visualization of Nylon and it’s structure. When you understand it properly it will automatically memorize into your mind, you don’t need to try memorizing it.

Continue your Practice

The simple tips that I’ve stated above you should follow me and practice more and more. Otherwise you may get out from your target.

The bottom line is Science is impressive because it follows some specific rules and directions. You have to understand that. You have to practice more and also you should compare it with a real-life example. “I’m going to promise!” you must enjoy reading it.

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